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Who are Balsan?

Looking for floors that are both stylish and eco-friendly?🤔Look no further than Balsan! Since 1954, this French company has been crafting incredible floors for homes🏠and workspaces alike🏢. From carpet tiles to luxury vinyl tiles, entrance mats to wall-to-wall carpets, Balsan has got it all – and it's seriously cool!😎

But Balsan's not just about looking good.✨ They're also committed to doing good for the environment.🌍 By using recycled and eco-friendly materials♻️, Balsan is doing their part to protect the planet and reduce waste.👍 And with their talented team of designers, Balsan is always innovating with new patterns and textures to keep your floors fresh and exciting.🤩

Check out our Balsan page to scope out their amazing products!🌟

Breakdown of Balsan Take a Walk carpet tiles!

Get ready to embark on a nature-inspired journey with Balsan's Take a Walk carpet tiles!🌿 These tiles are like a direct ticket to the forest floor, offering a delightful range of colours and textures🌈. Imagine earthy browns, greens, oranges, and yellows that feel just like wandering through a vibrant woodland.🌳 And if you prefer a more serene vibe, we've got you covered with stone-like greys and stream-like blues🌊perfect for capturing that peaceful trail experience.

Features of Balsan Take a Walk carpet tiles:

  • 50cm x 50cm 📏
  • Tile format
  • 100% regenerated nylon ECONYL® ♻️ 
  • Good sound insulation 🔉
  • Antistatic properties ⚡
  • Eco-friendly ♻️
  • Nature inspired colours 🌳
  • Perfect for offices and workspaces 🏢

Balsan Take a Walk - 240, 250, 330 and 610

Inspired by Mother Nature herself🌳, these carpet tiles will infuse your space with a soothing tranquility and a burst of natural energy.🌟 Feel free to mix and match them, creating your very own personalized trail that reflects your unique style.🤩 So, get ready to take a walk on the wild side and bring a touch of the great outdoors indoors!

These tiles are on a mission to save the planet🌎, as they're made from 100% Econyl recycled yarn♻️, which includes recycled yarn, old fishing nets🎣, and even other recycled materials. By choosing Econyl yarn, you become an eco-warrior, reducing environmental impact and promoting a greener future.✅

  • Sustainability:
    By choosing carpet tiles made from 100% Econyl recycled yarn, you become an eco-warrior by contributing to reducing environmental impact and promoting a greener future.♻️
  • Durability and Resilience:
    These carpet tiles don't just talk the talk, they walk the walk. They offer exceptional durability and resilience, ready to handle heavy foot traffic like a champ. Say goodbye to worrying about wear and tear in high-traffic and busy areas! 💪
  • Stain Resistance:
    These tiles come with built-in stain-resistant properties, making clean-up a breeze. Maintenance becomes a cinch, allowing you to enjoy long-lasting style without the hassle.🧽
  • Comfort and Softness:
    Despite their toughness, these tiles provide a soft and comfortable underfoot feel. You'll experience luxury and comfort like never before, creating an inviting oasis in your space.😍
  • Easy Maintenance:
    These tiles are super easy to clean and maintain. Just regular vacuuming and spot cleaning as needed, and you're good to go. Perfect for busy environments where convenience is key!🏢

Give your space a fresh new look with Balsan Take a Walk carpet tiles at an unbeatable price of just £5.95 (ex. VAT) per tile!⭐These tiles are your secret weapon to transform your space into a whole new vibe. Use our built in calculator🤓to figure out how many you would need for your space, place your order, and let us do the rest for you with our nationwide fitting service!🤩Need a taste of awesomeness? Grab a sample tile to see for yourself.😉 For more info talk to our sales team via LiveChat or by phone.📞 Get ready to walk on the wild side with Balsan Take a Walk carpet tiles!🐯

Balsan Take a Walk - 240, 250, 330 and 610

Breakdown of Balsan Odéon carpet tiles!

Unleash the urban energy in your workspace with Balsan Odéon carpet tiles!⚡These tiles are the ultimate blend of raw, rugged, and breathtaking, drawing inspiration from the hustle and bustle of city life.🌆 Featuring a dual-colour concrete effect design and vintage flair🏛️, they'll effortlessly elevate your space's style.🌟 With an array of browns, greys, and blue, you'll achieve that perfect urban look!😉Get ready to transform your space into a hip hub that's the talk of the town!


  • 50cm x 50cm 📏
  • Tile format
  • 100% solution dyed nylon 
  • Noise insulation 🔉
  • Easy to clean and maintain🧽
  • Urban influence 🌆
  • EDP certification ♻️
  • Perfect for offices and workspaces 🏢

Balsan Odéon - 985

Let's break down the benefits of 100% solution dyed nylon:

  • Tough as Nails:
    With solution dyed nylon, you're getting a carpet that can handle all the stomping, jumping, and racing around. Whether it's high-traffic areas or heavy furniture, solution dyed nylon's tough fibers can take it all. 💪
  • Stain Slayer:
    Spills, stains, and messes? No problem! The superpower of solution dyed nylon resists stains like a champ, making cleanup a breeze. 💦
  • Colour that lasts:
    Say goodbye to faded and dull carpets! Solution dyed nylon keeps its vibrant color even in bright sunlight and tough cleaning chemicals.🌞

What is an EDP certification?🤔 Don't worry, we've got you! 

EPD, short for Environmental Product Declaration, is your ultimate guide to understanding a product's environmental impact.♻️It provides transparent and verified information about how a product affects the environment. EPDs are developed according to international standards🌍, ensuring their reliability, to allow you to make an informed decision.👍 Think of EPDs as your tool for making informed decisions by uncovering the environmental characteristics of a product.⚒️ They reveal important indicators such as energy consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, water usage, and waste generation throughout the product's life cycle.🏭 Guess what? Balsan Odeon is EPD certified!💯They've successfully undergone an assessment of their environmental impacts from start to finish.✅ Balsan believes in openness, so they've shared crucial environmental information with us.♻️With their EPD certification, you can trust that Balsan Odeon is dedicated to a greener and more sustainable future!🌎

Balsan Odéon - 985 and 915

Other Balsan products we love...

While you're here, why not check out some of the other amazing Balsan products! 💫

Some fab carpet tiles we just know you'll love 💖:

  • Balsan Forest carpet tiles
    If you're looking for another carpet tile that reminds you of nature, Balsan Forest is the carpet tile for you! 🌳
  • Balsan Matrix carpet tiles
    Dive in with Balsan Matrix carpet tiles! They're geometrically gorgeous and oh-so-mesmerizing! 🌟
  • Balsan Bolero carpet tiles 
    Vibrant colours galore! If you're looking for a pop of colour to brighten up your space, Balsan Bolero have got your back! 🌈
  • Balsan Signal carpet tiles
    Balsan Signal carpet tiles combine the charm of the past with a modernist style, drawing inspiration from Morse code, punch cards, and binary numbers! 🔢
  • Balsan Nexus carpet tiles
    Environmentally friendly, versatile, durable and stylish - Balsan Nexus will give you that subtle luxurious look you've been looking for! ♻️

Check out these gorg carpet planks:

  • Balsan Genius carpet planks
    Rock your floors with Balsan Genius carpet planks - they're the coolest choice for anyone who wants an amazing design that stands out from the rest!😎
  • Balsan Jungle carpet planks
    Unleash your inner beast with these stylish and durable carpet planks that'll transform your space!🐯
  • Balsan Mind carpet planks
    No mind games here, just an amazing carpet plank that know what you want when it comes to giving your space a fresh new makeover! 😍
  • Balsan Winter carpet planks
    Give your space a fresh cool look with Balsan Winter carpet planks - they're snow joke when it comes to style! ❄️
  • Balsan Bolero planks
    Upgrade your space with this premium carpet plank that'll give your space a luxurious new look! ✨

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