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Top recommended carpet tiles for the office

Georgia Urmson

What is a carpet tile?

Ever wondered what a carpet tile is? Does it keep you up at night? We know it does so that is why we are here to tell you exactly what one it. Carpet tiles are becoming increasingly popular because of their easiness and versatility. 

A carpet tile is simply a 50 x 50cm tile made out of carpet! There are hundreds of different designs and types to suit your individual needs. Want funky designs? We got you covered. Want hard wearing and dust capturing? We got you covered! Want comfort? We got you covered! Everything you could ever need in a carpet, we can guarntee there will be a perfect one for you. 


Firstly, if you don't know what a carpet tile is, check out our video below!👇🏼





Nouveau Connections

There's a reason this is our top selling carpet tile!! Strong, durable, and our lowest priced carpet tile on DCTUK! What's even better? These tiles are available for Next Day Delivery! Look no further because Nouveau Connections is the perfect contender for you! 

Top Tip

Why not mix and match different colours from our connections range to create some interesting flooring designs! Check out some of the photos below! 


Nouveau Concrete

Want to add some 'pizazz' into your office and get that 'luxe' look? The Nouveau Concrete carpet tiles are just the one to do that. Inspired by raw materials, this super modern tile gives off a luxurious velvet look. Don't forget to order your FREE samples of this stunning tile.


Nouveau Beeline

Make a beeline for Beeline! This carpet tile offers your office a dynamic tonal pattern in two stylish shades of grey. This tufted range is the ideal choice for anybody looking to kit out a modern commercial interior or busy public space! 

Top Tip!

Why not use Beeline as a zoning area to zone off a breakout space or meeting room? You then can use Nouveau Connections everywhere else!