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We're a Digital Entrepreneur Awards finalist!


We're a Digital Entrepreneur Awards finalist!

Well we're certainly in good company in the eCommerce Business of the Year finalist group next to these online trading top dogs and with their bustling websites and glowing brand identities, it comes as no surprise they all made the cut.

Shop Direct

Online trading trends are gravitating toward fresh, minimal websites and I'm definitely on board the bandwagon so I just love the focus on the small amount of super high quality images against a clinical backdrop here.

Sometimes less is more and quality really does rule over quantity. Unless, of course, we're talking sweet potato fries or marshmallows on top of cocoa.


As an obsessive compulsive shoe collector, I'm certainly no stranger to Missguided and I always enjoy the clear, concise layout of the site and how you need no more than a couple of brain cells to be able to browse, research and checkout without a single moments hassle.

The #babeofmissguided feature is pretty cool too, featuring a banner at the bottom of the homepage in which customers share their Missguided outfits via Instagram. Under generated content is a big one right now and these guys execute it with excellence.

Christies Direct

When I started sizing up our competition, I wasn't actually aware of Christies but when I tapped it into Google and was greeted by a whole host of pictures of cute pooches and furry faces I was pleasantly surprised.

Sellers of animal grooming products and champions of product focus, these guys are especially good at compartmentalising their products into useful categories like 'What's New' and 'Top Products for...'. Their fresh, bright colour scheme also scores extra points with me.

eModels Ltd

Although I'm not one for splashing out on plastic model kits and all the paraphernalia that comes with, I thoroughly enjoyed my time browsing the eModels site. It brought a smile to my face multiple times and that's what it's all about, right?

Just like us, eModels put plenty of emphasis on the people behind the company and this never fails to make a brand more relatable and appealing in my eyes. When you're done here, go and check out the 'Who Are We' video and 'The Sequel'.

Master of Malt

Master of Malt and master of minimising any hard work for visitors, these cyber-selling, spirit-shifting, clever clogs' sure know how to make an e-commerce site that's both stylish and functional.

Now, I'm no expert whisky drinker - in fact, I can't stand it but what I lack in love for the hard stuff I make up for in admiration for this stylish and functional website.

I particularly enjoyed the consistency between rustic packaging and visual design, as well as the poetic content. Good work, guys!

The Underfloor Heating Store

Last but finally not least is The Underfloor Heating Store with their super slick menus and effortless ability to find exactly what you're looking for within a matter of seconds.

Moving in the same sorts of circles, we can always appreciate a great flooring website and these guys definitely get the green light from us. Their radio jingle is a cool additional feature too.


Okay so now we've finished inflating their egos and patting them on their back for their marvellous work, I should probably slip in some feisty fighting talk. Grandma always said it was the taking part that counts but in true DCTUK style, we want to be your number one so bring it on, #DEA2016!