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Say no to stubborn stains with Stainsafe©

Annabelle Harris

Say no to stubborn stains with Stainsafe©

So you want stain-proof, bleach cleanable and easy to clean carpet tiles at a competitive cost?

Whether you’re a commercial shopper on the hunt for a low maintenance flooring solution or a stressed out to the max parent looking for a way to hide your clumsy kids endless spillages and stains, Stainsafe© will be your new BFF. The toughest of them all, Stainsafe© carpet tiles are ready to take on any challenges that are thrown (or spilled) their way.

Combining remarkable softness with superior wear characteristics, Stainsafe© carpet tiles guarantee you trouble free tiles for many years. Lets find out more...

What is Stainsafe©?

Stainsafe© was bought to life by the clever clogs over at Balta group, Europe's leading carpet manufacturer, who boast decades of experience in the production of easy-to-clean carpets and we wouldn’t trust anyone else protecting our precious carpet tiles.

Stainsafe© does well, pretty much what it says on the tin, it keeps your carpet tiles safe from mucky paws, clumsy co-workers and over-excited children. Stainsafe© provides complete protection against stubborn stains and daily dirt so tears can stay to the minimum when your kid knocks their glass of milk over the floor for the tenth time or your colleague drops their Tesco meal deal all up the stairs. Lets just say, there will be a lot less fights over who's going to pay for the repairs with these bad boys.

What makes a carpet tile Stainsafe©?

This is where the fun facts come into play. Unlike many other stain-protected carpets, Stainsafe© carpet tiles are not treated with any chemicals or coatings whatsoever. Zero. Zilch. None. The stain resistance is an inherent part of the carpet tile, meaning it will not wear off over time as it would with other stain proof carpet tiles. Essentially Stainsafe© carpet tiles absorb no moisture, therefore any dirt or liquid thrown your tiles way won’t be absorbed into the fibres.

Balta are the top dogs in this field and are continually developing the raw materials they use and Stainsafe© is no exception. The materials used for Stainsafe© carpet tiles are selected with utmost importance and conform to the toughest standards.

Why opt for Stainsafe© carpet tiles?

Stainsafe© is only available for 100% Polypropylene carpet tiles. Therefore your carpet tiles will not only be safe from stains, but also incredibly durable, hardwearing and super long lasting. 

So no matter what life throws at it, whether it be spaghetti, a splash of almond milk or whatever the kids are drinking these days, a Stainsafe© warranty brings you peace of mind so you can remain carpet tile worry free for many years to come. 

Do I need to clean my Stainsafe© carpet tiles still?

We would recommended always treating your carpet tiles to a little hoover treatment at least once a week (twice if you’re furloughed and looking for things to do) to keep them looking tip top.

If you fancy treating them to a bit of extra TLC or if you’ve got a super stubborn stain that is refusing to part ways with your tile, you can use a diluted bleach solution without worry. Use a mix of 1 part bleach and 10 parts water to get rid of the worst stains whilst ensuring appearance and quality retention. 

Head on over to Stainsafe’s© site for a bit of first aid for the toughest of stains. 

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