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Carpet Tiles: what are the benefits?

Annabelle Harris

Carpet Tiles: what are the benefits?

There are a million and one reasons to love carpet tiles

(and that's coming from someone who lives in a rented flat with no need for carpet tiles). The carpet tile market is currently booming and they’re becoming more popular than ever before. And when I say popular, I mean like baked beans & melted cheese popular.

Carpet tiles have infinite benefits and advantages over your bog standard carpet roll (and by that we mean broadloom carpet). So, if you're wondering why you're hearing more and more about carpet tiles and why your next door neighbour won't stop bragging about her Cosy Toes, then listen up this ones for you.


Cost effective

Carpet tiles are a great cost effective alternative to your standard broadloom carpet, on average they tend to work out a lot cheaper per square metre and you’re not actually compromising on quality or style.

The key to saving with carpet tiles is in the installation process as it will typically take a professional fitter less time to lay carpet tiles (and we do offer a pretty competitive fitting service here at DCTUK - did I mention 15% off?). When using carpet tiles there is also a lot less wastage, especially in odd angled rooms with many nooks and crannies. Meaning you’re not splashing the cash on extra product that ends up getting cut off and thrown in the skip anyway. So you can pocket those extra pennies for a rainy day (or for those shoes you’ve been eyeing up - I won’t judge).


Straightforward installation process & less waste

Carpet tiles are super easy to install and the relative speed of laying carpet tiles will see less disruption to your space. Carpet tiles can be loose laid using semi-permanent adhesive or even using these clever little sticky squares called Tactiles. This allows for a speedy installation process and limited damage to the subflor, which in turn results in no (or minimal) demolition costs. Always thinking one step ahead here.

Laying carpet tiles also doesn't require you to clear out the whole room, we can work around you. You might just need to raise your legs when the fitter comes round, sort of like when Henry the hoover comes around to sweep up yesterdays lunch from under your chair. Phased installation is another advantage, take it step by step, no one is rushing you here. There is further the option to save ever more on labour by doing a lil’ bit of DIY yourself. During lockdown I think many can claim themselves to be a newly appointed carpet tile fitter. Follow our simple DIY how to lay carpet tiles guide HERE.


Easy to lift and remove

Carpet tiles are not only easy to install, but they are also easy to remove and maintain. Not just a one trick pony ey?

Spillages and stains do happen, we are only human at the end of the day. Rather than replacing an entire floor, the damaged carpet tiles can be simply removed and replaced individually - no fuss. This is also a handy trick if you find yourself needing to access the floor beneath, such as to gain access to underfloor cables. Oh and it will make you popular with the technicians you've been eyeing up.


Simple to transport and store

Gone are the days of gathering an army of 4 men to carry a carpet roll into your home and up 2 flights of stairs.

Carpet tiles were originally created in Amsterdam, with its narrow streets and small houses built along rivers and canals. Some clever fella from the then small Dutch company Heuga manufactured huge amounts of carpets and cut them up into 10in x 10in squares, turning a carpet into the ultimate jigsaw. Now all of a sudden a carpet could fit into relatively small boxes rather than a huge roll or two, making them much easier to transport and to store too!

There’s a history lesson you didn’t know you needed!


Endless layout possibilities

Carpet tiles offer great design flexibility that often cannot be achieved with standard broadloom carpet rolls. Tiles provide you with endless layout possibilities, allowing you to mix & match colours, patterns, ranges and textures to create on-trend designs. This allows you to create a true one of a kind and unique environment like no other. Carpet tiles can also be used to create zones in open plan offices, as a tool for way finding or even to create fun, feature rugs in a breakout area. Goodbye solid colours, hello wild & wacky designs


So if you’re weary on cost (in this day and age who isn’t?) and looking for something easy to maintain, fast to install & most importantly fun, then carpet tiles are your knight in shining armour.


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