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World Wildlife Day

Rebecca Ali

Happy World Wildlife Day🌷

Not only is today World Book Day, it's also World Wildlife Day! Here at DCTUK, we've made it part of our mission to do better for our wildlife by stocking more sustainable products on our marketplace. I'm sure you'll have noticed from other blog posts, and social posts, we talk a lot about sustainability and the world's current climate crisis. With sea levels rising, severe forest fires, flash floods (as we've seen in Yorkshire, Sumerset and Cumbria) and, ecosystems are struggling to adapt to these changes, putting multiple species of wildlife at risk of extinction, we need to come together to help save our environment! 

Shop Sustainable!🌍

One way of helping fight the climate crisis is, shopping more sustainably. One of the main roots to our climate crisis is the use of fossil fuels. Things such as coal, oil and gas are releasing carbon dioxide and greenhouses gases into the atmosphere and, as a result, the carbon dioxide is trapping the suns heat causing the planet to warm faster than it should. Sustainable products take the impact of fossil fuel's into consideration and aim to be carbon neutral, and/or use rapildly recycleable materials to produce their products to cause less (to no) damage to the planet.

We have a large variety of sustinable products that you can shop on our marketplace, some of our favourites are:

1. Modulyss Heritage Collection - this stunning carpet tile collection comes in 5 different designs, each made with ECONYL® yarn. 

2. Desso Airmaster Collection - this range of carpet tiles, and carpet planks, comes in 11 different designs! This collection is also made with ECONYL® yarn (produced from waste nylon) and, it's great for easing allergies and cleansing interior atmospheres; helping promote clearer air quality. 

3. Milliken Posie Retold - this carpet tile collection is the breathe of fresh air your office is in need of! They're 100% carbon neutral and, they're made from ECONYL® yarn. (Are you starting to notice a pattern yet? ECONYL® yarn = environmentally friendly). 

4. Rawson Recover - another amazing carpet tile collection that's taken the climate crisis into consideration is, Rawson Recover. The tiles in this collection are made from 80% recycled materials, helping combine style with sustainability. 

We have lots more sustainable products on our marketplace, so if shopping more sustainable is something you're wanting to incorporate into your life - check out more products on dctuk! Have a wonderful #WorldWildlifeDay everyone.