Get to know Eve

Eve Tasker

Get to know Eve

Introducing our newest member of the team...

Hi everyone, I'm Eve and I'm the Marketing Executive at DCTUK. In my blog post, I wanted to pull back the curtain and share a bit more about the person behind the social posts here at DCTUK. I believe that connecting on a more personal level with our customers is essential. Delving into my passions, as well as answers to some interesting questions, I'd love to share a bit more about myself so I hope you enjoy it!heart

What's my favourite hobby?

My favourite hobby is anything to do with arts and crafts, i love painting, drawing, and making jewellery! I find it very relaxing as well as theraputic.

What's my favourite type of food?

My favourite type of food is anything to do with chocolate and sweet foods, however if i'm being healthy i do love a caesar salad with croutons!

Where is one place I'd love to visit?

I'd absolutely love to go and visit Fiji as it look's so tropical and i'd love exploring the area! Fun fact, i've only every been abroad once in my life and i went to Turkey as well as Greece in the same trip, i loved it!

What's my favourite day of the week?

My favourite day of the week has to be friday as i know there's 2 days ahead of me where i can fully relax or go around london where i live!

What does my typical Sunday look like?

My typical Sunday is relaxing at home watching a comfort film with my favourite foods - probably chocolate! 

I hope this blog post allows you to get a better understanding of who you're connecting with on social media and so you have an idea of my interests, hobbies, my favourite foods, and more! Please feel free to comment on our socials as much as you'd like as i love engaging with you to create a deeper connection with our customers at DCTUK!


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