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4 Reasons to Love Nouveau Basics!

Christina Angus

What are Nouveau Basics carpet tiles?

Get ready to revamp your space with Nouveau Basics carpet tiles!🤩These 50cm x 50cm monochrome marvels are here to take your floors back to the basics in style.✨ As part of DCTUK's Nouveau Collection, Basics is the ultimate low level loop pile champ🏆, bringing durability and affordability to the forefront. Say goodbye to boring floors and hello to a fresh makeover that won't break the bank!🤯

Calling all budget-savvy trendsetters!📞 Nouveau Basics is the carpet tile for you.🫵 It's time to unleash your inner designer while keeping those purse strings intact. These tiles can handle most offices or workspaces🏢, giving your area a whole new vibe. Say hello to durability and bid farewell to drab floors👋- Nouveau Basics has got you covered!

Photo: Nouveau Basics - Grey Fleck

1. Aesthetically Irresistible: Nouveau Basics Carpet Tiles in the Spotlight!

Get ready to upgrade your space with Nouveau Basics carpet tiles!🌟 These tiles are not only practical and budget-friendly but also incredibly stylish.😍 With three different monochrome grey shades, ranging from light to dark, Nouveau Basics has got your sophisticated look covered.✨

One of the highlights of Nouveau Basics carpet tiles is their stunning fleck design.💫 This unique speckled pattern adds a modern and captivating touch to your space, bringing depth and character to your floors.🤩 Plus, it's a versatile choice that effortlessly pairs with other flooring products like designed carpet tiles, planks, or luxury vinyl tiles (LVT). Mix and match to your heart's content!💗

But that's not all! Nouveau Basics carpet tiles were specifically designed for busy workspaces.🏢 The fleck design comes to the rescue, cleverly disguising any stains or dirt that may find their way onto your floors.😉

2. 100% Polypropylene Wonder: Nouveau Basics Flooring Unleashed!

Get ready to discover the wonders of Nouveau Basics, made from 100% polypropylene!😲 Now, what on earth does that mean?🚀 Let's break it down for you!

  1. Tough as Nails:
    Polypropylene is a champ when it comes to durability!🏆 Nouveau Basics is suitable for most offices, but if you're looking for something similar to this carpet tile (plain carpet tile) but one that can handle high traffic areas why not check out Nouveau Apollo, Nouveau Workspace or Nouveau Carnival for a more durable construction! 💪

  2. Stain-Proof Superpowers:
    Say goodbye to stubborn stains!👋 Polypropylene repels liquids like a pro, making Nouveau Basics carpet tiles super resistant to spills.💪 Cleaning up mishaps becomes a breeze🍃, making life easier in places where spills are part of the daily grind, like busy offices or workspaces.👍

  3. Fade-Resistant Fabulousness:
    Sunlight🌞 and harsh cleaning chemicals🧼 are no match for Nouveau Basics! Thanks to its colourfastness, these carpet tiles won't fade away or lose their fabulous designs.✨ So, you can enjoy vibrant and stylish floors that stand the test of time.⏳

  4. Maintenance Made Easy:
    Cleaning Nouveau Basics is a piece of cake!🍰 With polypropylene on your side, maintenance becomes a breeze.🍃 Just regular vacuuming and a little spot cleaning here and there will keep your carpet tiles looking fresh and clean, no sweat!👍

With Nouveau Basics and its 100% polypropylene magic🪄, you get a carpet tile that's durable, stain-resistant, fade-resistant, and easy to maintain.✅It's like having a superhero on your floor, ready to tackle all the challenges of daily life!

Photo: Nouveau Basics - Grey Fleck and Black Fleck

3. Budget Bliss: Nouveau Basics - Affordability Meets Quality!

Get ready for the money-saving magic of Nouveau Basics carpet tiles!✨ These babies are an absolute steal at just £2.49 (ex. VAT) per carpet tile. Talk about a bargain!🤑

If you're all about that budget-friendly life without compromising on a professional look, Nouveau Basics is here to save the day.🤩 These carpet tiles give you the best of both worlds: a pocket-friendly price tag and a sleek, polished appearance that keeps your space looking top-notch.✅

But what happens if life throws some wear and tear your way?🤔 No worries! Nouveau Basics carpet tiles have got you covered.👍 They're easily replaceable, and you can order individual tiles for extra convenience.😲 So, if a specific area needs some TLC, you can fix it up without breaking the bank.

Value for your money? Absolutely!😁 Nouveau Basics carpet tiles are the real deal.💯 They're built to last, practical for those busy workspaces, and stylish enough to make a statement.💪 You won't have to sacrifice beauty or functionality with these affordable gems.💎

Say hello to Nouveau Basics👋, where affordability meets durability, practicality meets style, and your wallet gets to breathe a sigh of relief.😮‍💨 It's time to rock your space without rocking your bank account!🤘

4. Tomorrow's Floors Today: Next Day Delivery with Nouveau Basics!

Guess what? Nouveau Basics has got a sweet surprise for you—next day delivery!💥Yup, you heard it right. Once you place your order, get ready for a lightning-fast delivery.⚡We're not kidding around here!

Straight from our Liverpool distribution center💖to your doorstep, your Nouveau Basics carpet tiles will be on their way in a jiffy.😉No waiting around for ages.🕐 We know you mean business, and we're here to make things happen pronto!💯

This speedy delivery service is a dream come true for those who don't like to waste time.💨 Whether you're eager to get your project rolling or find yourself in a tile emergency🚨, Nouveau Basics has got your back.

So, why wait? Order your Nouveau Basics carpet tiles and let the magic of next day delivery whisk them to you in record time.🕑 It's all about efficiency, convenience, and making your carpet tile dreams come true!✅ So why not order Nouveau Basics carpet tiles right now and see for yourself?👀 

Photo: Nouveau BasicsBlack Fleck

What is DCTUK's Nouveau Collection?

Get ready to have your mind blown by DCTUK's Nouveau Collection!🤯These carpet tiles are the ultimate game-changer for anyone wanting a jaw-dropping transformation in their home or workspace.🤩 We've got the whole shebang right here in our Nouveau section, where you'll find the hottest designs and styles around.🔥If you want the full scoop, just order our ➡️Nouveau Brochure⬅️, and we'll zip it to your doorstep with lightning speed⚡, thanks to our next day delivery service! Say hello to your fresh new look in no time!💯

Here are a few things we have to offer: 

Introducing our Ultimate Budget Slayers - made in the UK or EU, these carpet tiles have an unbeatable quality at a price that won't break the bank! 🌟Trust us when we say you won't find a better deal than this! 💖

Revamp your workspace or office like a boss with Nouveau carpet tiles!🏢 We've got an epic lineup of designs, colours, and patterns that will make your space pop.⭐These bad boys are built to last and will bring loads of personality to your space.💪 So go ahead, jazz up your workspace and let the Nouveau carpet tiles work their magic!

Give your space a pop of colour with these bright carpet tiles!🌈 It's time to unleash your inner designer and let your creativity go wild in your workspace.🎨 From creating awesome breakout areas to rocking your company colours, these tiles are your secret weapon to take your space to the next level!🤩 Let your imagination run wild because when it comes to possibilities, the sky's the limit!🚀



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