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Affordable Carpet Tiles For Your Bathroom in 2022

Xhesika Tufa

Are you currently thinking of redesigning your home or office bathroom? If your answer is yes, then keep reading.

Traditional wooden flooring is way out of fashion. Do you remember when we used to take care of what looked good for the eyes but not comfiness? Well, things change.

Nowadays, everyone is focusing on more smart solutions that would cost them more efficiency and less time.

There are a few things to consider when redesigning your residential or commercial bathroom, though. Besides being fire-resistant and easy-to-install, bathroom carpet tiles need to be chosen carefully, if you want a long-lasting property that won’t cause you any headache.

Also, keep in mind that bathroom environments are always in contact with water.

Here’s what you need to look out for when picking a good carpet tile option for your bathroom in 2022:

  • Easy to Clean Solutions
  • Anti-Slippery Properties
  • 100% Water Resistant
  • Residential and Domestic Guarantee

Nouveau Spa Carpet Tiles

Nouveau Spa carpet tiles are luxurious, yet affordable options to bring your home the comfiness you deserve.

These carpet tiles are easily installed and they come in 50cm x 50cm dimensions. They are made of incredibly durable and long-lasting properties.


Here are more details:


  • Perfect Carpet Tiles for Bathrooms, Kitchens & Living Rooms
  • 10-Year Guarantee
  • Strong and Durable Construction
  • Great Selection of 16 Colors: Turquoise, Haze, Shelley, Nightshade, Ocean, etc.

QA Luvanto Gluedown

QA Luvanto is an impressive carpet tile option for your bathroom, whether you’re thinking domestic or commercial use. And there are tons of reasons for that!


  • R10 slip resistance
  • Suitable for underfloor heating
  • Fire-resistant properties
  • 25-year residential guarantee (and 10-year commercial)


These low-maintenance properties will help save time and money in the long run.

Also, it is rated as a safety flooring (36+ wet pendulum test).

So, if you’re searching for a vintage vibe, you’re making the right choice with this one.


There are 5 colors we highly recommend for your next bathroom flooring design:



Frequently Asked Questions about Bathroom Carpet Tiles:

Can you use carpet tiles in a bathroom?

The short answer is yes! Carpet tiles can also be used for your residential or commercial bathrooms. But, they need to be anti-slippery and waterproof.


Do carpet tiles in a bathroom need to be waterproof?

Waterproof (or extremely water-resistant) carpet tiles are a must for your bathroom. THat’s because they need to be durable and long-lasting for an environment that gets wet, a lot. Every carpet tile that is dried fast, is good for your bathroom flooring.


Can you install carpet tiles without glue?

No. You'll need an underlay suitable for glue-down flooring - we recommend this QA Gluedown Underlay.

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