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ALL NEW - Meet Muraspec

Rebecca Ali

All NEW for 2022

This week we launched Muraspec wallcoverings on our marketplace! We're thrilled to be working in partnership with such an amazing brand, who're specialists in this field! Since this is a completely new product to be launched on dctuk.com, I wanted to put together a blog telling you more about the brand, the wallcoverings they offer and who they're suitable for. 

Who are Muraspec?🤔

Muraspec are a British made brand that date back to the 1850's. The majority of their products are made in their warehouse in Kent and, they've worked with big name brands such as Centre Parcs, Dior, and Disney - helping create/find wallcoverings for their venues, offices, etc. They're one of the worlds best wallcovering brands and we're beyond excited to be working with them! So, now that you know a little more about Muraspec, let's talk about their products! 

Fabric Backed Vinyl - Best Sellers

Starting off with the best sellers, we've got Belmont, Burnish, Herringbone, Khotan, Lava & Tweed. Muraspec selected these 6 FBV collections for us as their best sellers. Each one of these wallcoverings, in these 6 collections, have a scrim backing, are water resistant, have commercial fire ratings and, come with a 10 year commercial guarantee (this is dependant on how they're maintained/treated). They're one of the highest standard wallcoverings you can buy. Perfect for hotels, care homes, cruise liners, offices, etc. They all come with a built-in protection against mould and, they're a great product for indoor air quality with a VOC Emissions rating of A+  (the highest there is). 


MemErase Wallcoverings & DryErase Paint

MemErase & DryErase are PERFECT for offices - particularly meeting rooms, nurseries, schools, etc. Why are they so perfect for these sectors? Well, these wallcoverings and paints have wipe on, wipe off technology. So, you can write on them and easily wipe it off when you no longer need the writing. If that wasn't enough, there's also a magnetic option! They are a great way to introduce creativity into a workspace, school or even your home! 


Wallmotion & Bespoke Wallcoverings

If there isn't a design that's caught your eye or, you don't want something everyone else has got, we also offer a bespoke wallcovering service! You can pick from our Wallmotion gallery - this is a gallery of images you can scroll through and select an image that's perfect you or, you can send us an image that you've already pe-selected and we'll send it over to the team at Muraspec who will create the bespoke wallcovering. A site survey is required for any bespoke design however, we will organise this for you. Wallmotion designs take 10-15 working days, bespoke take up to 25 working days. 

Helpful Wall Preparation Tips

I wanted to end this blog with some helpful wallcovering wall prep tips that Muraspec gave us. 

1. Walls need to be of a finished standard 

2. Walls must be clean, dry, have no holes and be primed (if needed)

3. Damp walls will react with adhesives, ensure the wall isn't damp

I hope you found this blog helpful! If you have any further questions regarding our wallcoverings, get in touch with our sales team. 


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