DIY Flooring Essentials Guide

Carpet tiles, LVT or Laminate flooring?

Before you begin any project you need to start thinking about which floor type is best suited to the environment that you have. Here at DCTUK you can buy carpet tiles, luxury vinyl tiles (LVT) or laminate flooring.

Carpet tiles are the most affordable option with our entry level carpet tile Nouveau Urban priced at just £1.89 per tile in our sale. Carpet tiles are a very versatile option - and can suit most rooms. Laminate is also a very affordable option and we stock the very popular Solido Elite laminate collection.

Finally we have LVT - a technologically advanced flooring option that has the durability of laminate but with the flexibility and ease of installation as carpet tiles.

Got questions? The team here at DCTUK are here to help. Just call us on 0345 222 1544 or Livechat with us.

Watch this video on how to fit carpet tiles

Fitting carpet tiles and LVT is simpler than you might think. Give it a go, you might surprise yourself!

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Customer's DIY Photos

Here's a selection of photos sent into us from our customers showing off their DIY creations!

Nouveau Home Comfort carpet tiles

QA Luvanto LVT

Nouveau Vintage carpet planks

Nouveau Connections
carpet tiles

Nouveau Bee Line carpet tiles

Nouveau Home Comfort carpet tiles

Nouveau Connections
carpet tiles

Buying advice

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Design your dream floor with our visualiser

You can now view most carpet tiles we have on our website in the visualiser, in a multitude of rooms. Then save or share your picture

Recommended products

Here's some great DIY flooring options to add to your basket. If you're not sure about anything, just livechat with us or give us a call!

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Nouveau Home Carpet Tiles

Exclusive to DCTUK, Nouveau Home lead the way in affordable residential carpet tiles. Shop the full collection.
Sale now on SAVE 29%
Sale now on SAVE 25%

Bathroom LVT

Grab your waffles, these Belgium carpet tile masters provide interior design magic. Shop the full collection.

Bedroom LVT

Non-profit doesn't have to mean naff. These Dutch legends are called Desso, and their yarn won't make you yawn. Shop the full collection.

Kitchen LVT

Luxury vinyl tiles are THE in-trend tile of choice for breakout areas and eating areas. Shop the full collection.

Parquet LVT

Shop our fab collections of parquet luxury vinyl tiles - the in-trend flooring option for modern homes. Shop the full collection.

Stone & Marble LVT

If you want your home to look like a Roman villa, check out these stone and marble effect luxury vinyl tiles. Shop the full collection.

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