Carpet tiles and flooring inspired by nature


Carpet tiles and flooring inspired by nature

International Day of Forests was something set up by the United Nations back in 2012 and still being observed today. Yay! It's a global celebration of everything woodland and all things trees because let's face it, without them, where on earth would we be?

The #IntlForestDay festivities this year have a particular focus on the magic of wood energy and how wood is a powerful force in sustainability and climate change developments. We totally agree that wood is good (great in fact) but let's take a look at how natural elements in general is influencing the interior design industry more and more with the turn of every season.

The bustling business of biomimicry and biophilia

I've told you heaps and heaps of times before about the benefits of nature inspired interior design and how mimicking what Mother Nature does best not only lends itself to unique interior design applications, it's also super advantageous for productivity and personal wellbeing. World Forestry Day is the perfect excuse to give you a quick recap though I reckon.

Okay so you might be frowning at the screen right now asking yourself what is biomimicry or what is biophilia so let me explain...

Both of these modern day concepts cover the idea of bringing the great outdoors indoors by copying natural elements and nature's ways of doing things. Just look at Interface TacTiles for example - they emulate the suction power of a geckos sticky toes in order to keep carpet tile designs in place.

We also boast a fabulous collection of carpet tiles and carpet planks that borrow textures like tree bark, stone, moss and concrete to create cutting edge surface patterns that are taking the industry by storm. (Scroll all the way to the bottom to shop Interface carpet tiles, Modulyss carpet tiles, Forbo Flotex carpet planks and even something special from our own exclusive Nouveau Commercial collection).

Sustainable forests over at FloorsUK

As you know, we only ever work with brands and suppliers that pass the test of eco-responsibility so we can be sure that your new floor goes as easy on our vulnerable planet as possible. The same goes for our sister site, FloorsUK where all of your engineered wood, solid wood, laminate and vinyl flooring dreams come true.

We check all of our FloorsUK manufacturers to ensure they are producing their products in FSC® and PEFC® certified factories, no matter where in the world they are located and the glue, lacquer and oil used in our products meet the strictest international emission requirements.

Another part of our eco-conscious way of doing things is to only ever take wood from sustainable forests, so we can reduce the impact we have on the beautifully leafy land we live on.

Right, I'll stop babbling now and just let you shop our cool collection of nature-inspired commercial carpet tiles:

Nouveau Nature commercial carpet tiles

Nouveau Nature

WAS £6.95 NOW £4.98

Interface Urban Retreat carpet tiles

Interface Urban Retreat 101

WAS £10.39 NOW £8.59

Interface Urban Retreat carpet tiles

Interface Urban Retreat 102

WAS £10.39 NOW £8.59

Interface Urban Retreat carpet tiles

Interface Urban Retreat 103

WAS £10.39 NOW £8.59

Modulyss Leaf commercial carpet tiles

Modulyss Leaf

WAS £6.91 NOW £4.49

Forbo Flotex Wood carpet planks

Forbo Flotex Wood planks

WAS £7.17 NOW £6.49


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