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Prepare to be floored by Forbo Flotex


Prepare to be floored by Forbo Flotex

We always love it when our good friends at Forbo pop in to see us because they're always clutching something super exciting. Sometimes cookies, sometimes muffins, some times even some beers to restock our Friday evening supply. They are good to us.

Earlier this month however, our rep Claire came bearing something that almost had us doing cartwheels around the office and it goes by the name of Forbo Flotex carpet planks. Cutting edge as you like and really really cool, these babies are a real industry innovation.

The Science

The Flotex Family is another fantastic development in Forbo's voyage towards happier, healthier indoor environments. Flotex takes the most remarkable natural processes of strength and safety to create the perfect hybrid between hard and soft flooring. Soft like moss but strong like bamboo, these contemporary carpet planks deliver the design, comfort and sound absorbing benefits of carpet with the endurance and resilience of solid applications.

Bare feet on kitchen floor tiles with underfloor heating
Example of the structure of underfloor heating

When Claire was chatting to us about the Flotex collection, she described its unique texture as being "just like Action Man's hair" and well, I couldn't have said it better myself. The tactile velvet-like texture is made up of a very very low cut pile construction which is not only comfortable and secure underfoot, it's also mega hygienic as it won't retain any dirt or moisture.

This hella hygiene means that it really couldn't be any easier to suck up surface grime, which is exactly why all Flotex ranges have been given a big thumbs up by Allergy UK. They're even considered a natural sanitiser. However if you did want to give the floor more of a deep cleanse, these tough 100cm x 25cm planks are strong enough to withstand even jet washing and mechanical cleaning. No wonder they're so popular in schools and care homes, huh?

Virtually indestructible, bionic performance

In fact, we have Forbo's word that these guys are "virtually indestructible". Flotex carpet planks offer a "bionic performance" that have even been known to withstand the prowler at a gym! I mean, I can't face that monster of a machine so this must be one tough cookie we've got on our hands.

Each plank boasts (approximately) 70 million Nylon 6.6 fibres per metre squared which gives it the kind of strength that you're going to need for high traffic, heavy commercial use areas such as call centres, receptions, large offices and public spaces.

Bare feet on kitchen floor tiles with underfloor heating
Example of the structure of underfloor heating

The flocked texture gives the floor some added extra grip power too which meets HSE wet & dry slip resistance classifications for flat surfaces and ramps. As if that wasn't enough validation, double strength glass fibre reinforcement is on hand for extra dimensional stability.

The Design

Available in 6 versatile ranges, the Flotex collection makes sure there is something for all y'all. We have Flotex Concrete, Flotex Wood and Flotex Seagrass (coming soon) which all mimic natural elements to incredible precision. We then have Flotex Triad, Flotex Box-Cross and Flotex Lava which take on a more vibrant, design-led aesthetic that are sure to make a real style statement.

A fray-free construction and an impressive 10 year guarantee will back me up when I say that you can be sure Flotex planks are going to look just as great as they did the first day for a long time to come so get your free samples today and get the ball rolling...

Let's go shopping...

Forbo Flotex Triad

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Forbo Flotex Box-Cross

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Forbo Flotex Lava

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Forbo Flotex Wood

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Forbo Flotex Concrete

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Forbo Flotex Seagrass

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