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Do you need underlay for carpet tiles?

Jon Techilovsky

Do you need underlay for carpet tiles?

Okay so you’ve browsed through our vast selection of fabulous carpet tiles from some of the best in the business and now you’re wondering, do I need underlay too? What exactly is underlay? What does it do? Well you’ve come to the right place because we’re here to spill the tea on underlay.

What is underlay?

Underlay for carpet tiles is designed to sit underneath your chosen carpet or flooring design so it won't be visible to interfere with your décor vision or chosen design aesthetic and rather serves its purpose as a support for your carefully chosen, insta-worthy carpet tiles.

What are the benefits of using underlay?

Using underlay for carpet tiles can minimise impact noise, so when you’re dancing around your living room to Beyonce into the early hours of Sunday morning, you won’t get as many noise complaints.

They can also provide added underfoot comfort, so there will be a literal spring in your step when you wake up in the morning.

Where can you buy underlay?

Right here at DCTUK! We have two fantastic options available for carpet tiles, let’s take a look at what they are.

First up we have Interface’s Interlay Underlay carpet tiles. Expertly cut to the exact same size as all of the carpet tiles we stock (50cm x 50cm), these insulating tiles are easy to install and provide a polished and professional finish without the premium price tag.

The second option is InstaLay Underlay is the perfect partner for carpet tile flooring. When it comes to InstaLay, stability and versatility is a given as it can be applied under most flooring solutions, while a unique peel & stick system reduces installation time by more than 50%. As if that wasn’t enough, InstaLay also provides anti-allergy and antimicrobial qualities and is made using recycled tyre rubber so you can reduce your carbon footprint without having to lift a finger. Let us introduce you to Shaun from Instafloor, he’ll explain all you need to know about Instalay Underlay.

If you’re also looking at underlay for LVT, we do that too! Click here to view all our underlay options.

Still confused about underlay? Give our team a buzz on 0345 222 1544they’ll be able to help you out!