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A beginner's guide to Tarkett LVT

Do you get confused about LVT? Heard about the wonders of Tarkett LVT but not sure where to start? We asked Emma Bishop from Tarkett all the questions you'll want answering to get the low-down on Tarkett and their incredible product offering. Watch the full video below to find out how Tarkett are using technology to create the next generation of LVT.

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Desso's Cradle to Cradle vision

Desso's Cradle to Cradle vision

12 July 2016
Us humans tend to be an army of greedy guts’ when it comes to taking from the environment but the Cradle to Cradle® program means we can start being a bit kinder to Planet Earth. Read more to find out how Desso became a Silver Certified company and how you can do your bit.
Desso Airmaster Atmos: Colour Refresh

Desso Airmaster Atmos: Colour Refresh

18 November 2017
Desso have given us 6 new colours to add to the Atmos range. Lets take a look at the new colours.
Desso and The Great Indoors

Desso and The Great Indoors

8 December 2016
'Desso and The Great Indoors' might sounds like a modern day fairytale, like James and the Giant Peach or Snow White and the Seven Dwarves but this nature-conscious narrative is real life and every bit as revolutionary. Desso's Great Indoors campaign was actually launched back in 2013 but the eco-aware brand has since launched it's own standalone website to deepen its efforts. So what is The Great Indoors all about, you ask...

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