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Free Books and Laptops for Schools

Georgia Urmson

Free Books and Laptops for Schools

Refresh your floor and get Books or Laptops for free!

Yep, that's right! You can bag yourself some free books or laptops for your school just by ordering with us! Here at DCTUK, we don't just sell you the goods and run away, we can give you the full project experience! 

We have a Design Lab service for all those trendy establishments out there or for those who want something more than just grey carpet tiles. Plus, we have our fitting service available across the UK for everyone who wants a stress-free summer holiday...we know you deserve that!

So what do I need to do and what do I get?

Ok, let's get down to business. 

If you are ordering ANY of our fabulous Nouveau flooring, every 5m2 you order, you will receive a free book! We'll work with you to ensure the books you receive are useful to your curriculum. There is a maximum limit of 50 books per school in this offer. 

Or, if it's not Nouveau you fancy, with any other brand you order, every 10m2 you will get a free book! 

So, to claim this deal alls you need to do is enter code either 


You will enter which key stage you would like the books for, so we can choose a suitable age group of books to send you! It's that simple!


What about the free laptops?

Ok, hold your horses, I'm getting there! 

We know how valuable reliable equipment is for education, to allow all learners to access the curriculum in their own way and we know that often technology plays an important role in inclusion and differentiation; so it might not be new books you need. 

So, every £2000 spent on our very own Nouveau products, you will get 1 free laptop! And, again, if it isn't Nouveau you're wanting, every £4000 on ANY other brand, you will also get 1 free laptop! 

To choose the laptop just enter discount code:


If you're ordering online, enter it at checkout or if you prefer to order with one of our lovely sales team over the phone then just quote it or sing it!

It's as easy as that!

What you waiting for?! Get shopping!!

Watch our video to learn more!