Our Giveaway Winner Announced!

Georgia Urmson

Our Giveaway Winner Announced!

Was I too late?

Yes, unfortunatley if you didn't enter our amazing £1000 IKEA giveaway then you're too late as we have already announced the winner! HOWEVER, don't you worry! We have an amazing new competition to be announced very soon! So make sure you keep your eyes peeled and subscribe to our YouTube channel to find out when the next one is! 

So if you didn't know all about our biggest ever competition (yeah it was quite a big deal) then we made a video and documented it ALL! So you can see what exactly went down, including everything from drawing the winner, announcing it, to phone calling the winner to actually going to deliver her prizes! 



We suprised the winner by knocking on her door with our big cheque and to our suprise the street thought we was the postcode lottery! Yes we may have been 'someone knocking at the door' but unfortunatly Rosa (our winner) didn't have a bell! Whatever the street thought, they were still shouting 'congratulations!' which made it all the more fun! All socially distanced of course. 


We will be sure to keep in contact with our winner to see what she spends the £1000 IKEA voucher on and not forgetting where she decides to go with her £250 flight voucher! How exciting!


As I said earlier - be sure to follow all our socials and subscribe to our YouTube channel so you can be one of the first to enter our FREE giveaways! We're always giving away free stuff her so you don't want to miss out! laugh

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