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Sticky stuff: What's what?

Annabelle Harris

Sticky stuff: What's what?

A buyers guide to adhesive

A question we get asked often is - 'do I need glue?'. The honest answer here is that it really just depends. Firstly if you are talking about glue for your flooring and if so well then yes. We would recommend using some sort of adhesive as there is nothing worse than an unruly, out of place tile when you’ve finally perfected your interior masterpiece. 

Although one of the main reasons that people opt for carpet tiles is the fact that they don’t require any toxic sticky substances and are easily interchangeable, we do recommend using just a small amount of adhesive, even if it's just to hold the corners in place. If nothing is holding your carpet tiles or LVT down other than good ol’ gravity, movement and pressure on the tiles could cause them to shift and potentially become a trip hazard (unless... that is your plan?).

Well, stick with DCTUK as we have a fantastic selection of the best carpet tile and vinyl adhesives in the biz and we want nothing more than to ensure your floor is fitted to perfection and stays that way. 


Adhesive for carpet tiles

Interface Tactiles 

Hold your carpet tiles in place and stay on the safe side with these little squares of magic from Interface. They may look lil' on the flimsy side but don't be fooled these babies are tough and are going to make your life a hell of a lot easier. Interface Tactiles are enough to set the interior geek inside of us all jumping for joy as this awesome invention is strong enough to hold tiles in place but forgiving enough to be easily removed or replaced without leaving behind any nasty residue. Boasting no drying or waiting time, resistant to moisture and temperature, these bad boys are your one-stop shop if you are living with an indecisive wife or are looking to protect whatever you’ve got lurking underneath your tiles.



Sticky Stuff Spray Adhesive

New to DCTUK and already flying off the shelves, Sticky Stuff spray adhesive is a semi-permanent solution which makes the floor tacky but not sticky. Suitable for all residential projects and commercial projects on the smaller side, this tacky spray adhesive comes in a canister for a speedy and mess-free application meaning you can show off your floor in no time. Each can covers 28 tiles and won’t leave any permanent marks on the subfloor if you do decide to do a switcheroo with your flooring at a later date.

Bostik Spray Adhesive

Your number one, numero uno, choice if you are on the hunt for more of a permanent solution where longevity is needed. High in strength, this chlorofluorocarbons and halogen-free adhesive is suitable for use with a whole host of subfloors. Super easy to apply and boasting a rapid drying time of 1-3 minutes, all you need is a cuppa and a can of Bostik spray to keep your fitters happy chappies. Just... don't mistake it for hairspray.

DCTUK Double Sided Tape

This is not the same as the double sided tape you would pick up in ‘The Works’ for a bit of scrap-booking, think more supersonic sellotape. Constructed using a top-secret tearable, non-woven base, this durable double-sided tape is the perfect way to ensure your carpet tiles are stuck down quickly and efficiently to your subfloor. Minimal experience is required in the handling of this sellotape plus it's mess-free, cost-effective and easy to store. Each roll contains 50 meters worth of coverage you can either tape just the corners of the carpet tiles or all around the edges of your carpet tiles. I’ll leave the mathematics down to you with this one.

Bostik Laybond Tackifier

From the brain boxes over at Bostik, their Laybond carpet tile tackifier is the perfect way to ensure your flooring is in it for the long run. Suitable for use with a whole host of subfloors, ranging from concrete and cement to sand and chip wood, this Tackifier suits pretty much everything you would want to stick your tile too (within reason sir). Featuring a barely there off-white colour for a professional and seamless finish, we love it, our fitters love it and soon you will love it. Available in two different sizes, you’ve either got the 5kg option or the 25kg option depending on how large your space is. For coverage between 40m2 - 50m2 we recommended opting for the 5kg tub whereas for a larger area size of 175m2 - 200m2, the hefty 25kg should do the job. 



Adhesive for LVT

Styccobond F46 P.S adhesive

Full to the brim with innovative performance qualities, this pressure sensitive acrylic adhesive is your go to guy if you’ve opted for stick-down LVT. Free from solvents, this resilient acrylic adhesive forms a permanent tacky film between the product and subfloor to deliver a professional and polished finish. Available in both a 5L and 15L tub at jaw-dropping prices, you better pick your jaw up off the floor and get a wiggle on before they're gone.

Bostik Laybond HT adhesive

A super strong adhesive ideal for products that are kicking back relaxing and chillaxing in the sunshine. Laybond HT adhesive is designed specifically for use with LVT or sheet vinyl products that are being laid in places that are often subjected to higher temperature levels than the norm. This could include conservatories, rooms with large windows or underfloor heating - basically if the floor is too hot to tippy toe across bare footed, you’re going to need some of this.


As well as all these wonderful products, we also have a range of miscellaneous products that can assist with that sometimes-tricky carpet tiling process – from flexy fix pressure cans through to tape, we’ve got everything you need and more. Shop carpet tile adhesive from DCTUK today.