Installation ideas for the workplace

Annabelle Harris

Installation ideas for the workplace

Turn your drab workplace into an interior dream

Office environment are often characterless and lack inspiration and any form of design. As many office doors remain closed for the foreseeable future, now is the perfect time to give your workplace a well deserved re-vamp.

Flooring is a huge part of any interior therefore creating something that is fun and inspiring can be critical for the workplace. Thankfully, carpet tiles are here to save the day. 

Carpet tiles offer great design flexibility that often cannot be achieved with bog standard broadloom carpet rolls. Modular carpet tiles provide you with endless layout possibilities and in turn allowing you to create a true one of a kind environment like no other. 

Some of you may totally disagree and love the look of a single colour, but com'on, that's a bit dull isn't it? So say goodbye to solid colours as it's time to inject some personality and an element of fun into your workplace with these different layout ideas. 


Incorporate zoning into your floorplan

Zoning has been around for donkey's years and it is a super popular method used to isolate different areas in large and open planned workplaces. It is stylish, it is functional and it is the perfect way to manage your workplace. 

Through the use of different colours and textures, this very basic concept creates a visually exciting area whilst helping to define an areas purpose. Zoning is ideal to create walkways, feature areas or even to keep your colleagues out of your 2-meter personal bubble. Opt for a plain tile for a look that isn't too overpowering or if you're more on the daring side go for a patterned tile to zone out a specific area. P.s. Using transition tiles to allow your spaces to melt into each other more delicately.


Create wild and wacky flooring designs for the workplace

No more plain grey - nope sorry it's banned.

Herringbone - A once dated design has wiggled its way back in to become a 'must have' interior design choice in both the home and the workplace. Whether it's through the use of carpet tiles or LVT, planks are laid on a 45 degree angle to help create a busy flooring design. Stay bang on trend with this layout and achieve that WOW factor when your colleagues make their grand return whenever that may be. 

Mix & match - we all love a good pick & mix so why not mix & match? Here at DCTUK we have numerous collections that are designed for one purpose and one purpose only and that is to mix and match. Mixing and matching colours and textures is a great way to unleash the creative beast inside of you and have fun with your flooring design. 

Check out our recent blog posts on the Burmatex Tivoli collection and the Desso Essence collection to see how collections seamlessly slot together to create a unique and professional finish.


Get playful with accent colours

Using a highlight colour in a contrasting colour or pattern throughout your floorplan is a great way to add a sense of playfulness in small bursts. A very simple idea but it transforms something that would usually be a standard plain finish (no thank you) into something modern and striking. 

Accent colour are often bold and vivid with a neutral backdrop helping them stand out from the crown However, we'll let you off if you opt for something a tad more neutral... anythings better than plain ey?


DIY project: Rugs

Rugs are the perfect way to add texture to your workplace, however rugs can be on the pretty spenny side of life and many are unwilling to splash the cash (especially when your co-worker spills her morning coffee once a week). Creating rugs from carpet tiles is a cheap and cheerful option plus you don't necessarily have to rip up your existing flooring, just add a little pizzaz on top of it. 

Rugs are perfect for brightening up a dull workplace by inviting additional colours to the space and creating a warm and welcoming feel. Find out more here about how to create your own rug from carpet tiles. 


DCTUK's FREE Design Service

Still stuck for inspiration? DCTUK's Design Lab is here to lend a helping hand.

The Design Lab at DCTUK is our complete bespoke design and fitting service that helps you to get the most out of your new flooring. Our mission is to kick boring grey floors into touch, and beautify workplaces across the UK. No stress, no worries, you’ll be kicking back in your brand new office in no time.

They say the proof is in the pudding - check out some of our recent designs and find out more HERE!


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