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Interface Works Collection? Completed it


Interface Works Collection? Completed it

Interface is the world's largest designer and manufacturer of carpet tile for commercial and residential customers, it is the golden arch of the fast food industry, the Ben and Jerry's of the ice cream world, the cream of the crop. If you're apart of the interior industry you will have definitely heard of Interface, if not, all you need to know is that they make and design sustainable, inspiring flooring and they're really, really good at it. Sit back, grab a cuppa, and read all about the latest exciting creations from Interface.

You may have some preconceptions that Interface are way out of your budget. If you think Human Nature is an amazing carpet plank but you just can't stretch your budget to afford it, Interface have designed an affordable range to complete your design led - flooring needs. Fluid, Balance and Freestyle have joined Dash, Geometry, Hype and Flow in the Works collection to complete their perfect, affordable coordinated package.

Works Fluid carpet planks

Like waves rippling across the shore, Fluid integrates seamlessly with all the products within the collection. The colour pallet of blues greys and earthy tones reinforce a subtle connection with water and compliments the other palettes in The Works Family. By changing how you lay these Fluid carpet planks, you create a completely different look and feel to the floor. Fluid will most definitely add some character to a space, whether that's in an office or hospitality environment.

Design tip: Teal is a big colour trend this year


Works Balance carpet planks

Linear, strong and architectural - this is Balance. Plain, stripey carpet planks are a thing of the past in Interface's world, they've designed something that is inspired by the architectural perspectives of tall city sky scrapers. This brush stroke effect carpet plank can either create a contemporary sleek interior or a shabby chic feel depending on what you desire. The eight colourways support the urban theme with variations of greys, dark blues and teal, so you can really go to town mixing and matching to your heart's content.


Works Freestyle carpet planks

The casual, laid back one of the bunch. Inspired by the layered textures of roughly painted wood, Freestyle lends itself perfectly to Interface's Skinny Planks format.

What are Skinny Planks I hear you ask? They're basically just carpet tiles but in plank form like all the others on our website but Interface wanted to be different and call them skinny planks. The Works Collection features seven coordinated designs, created to solve a wide range of flooring challenges - at an affordable price.

Freestyle brings a relaxing informality to any interior whether that be hospitality, hotels or offices, enhanced by eight calming colourways exploring greys and neutrals.


The Works collection is very much inspired by nature, and they can all work together to create different zones and effects. You don't have to break the bank to create a beautifully designed floor, so order your FREE samples today to see these beauties up close.