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Let's go on an expedition; Northward Bound!

Georgia Urmson

Milliken's Northward Bound

We are back with another new product for you! Milliken's Northward Bound carpet tile collection is inspired by the snowy landscapes encountered by the brave and epic explorers from times long before us. The collection consists of 3 gorgeous ranges: Snow, Glacier and Ice. So if you want to see some gorgeously designed cushion carpet tiles. Keep reading. 

Northward Bound Snow

Want a calming floor? Snow definitely gives you these vibes. Inspired by the views of snow-covered landscapes the calming aspects come through the thought that it is such a delicate part of our planet that we have to protect. A great thing about these tiles is that the colour is a lovely muted grey tone, so it is very on trend and will match almost any interior! Take a look! 


Northward Bound Ice

This carpet tile is as cool as ice. See what I did there? Featuring an etched design the Northwood Bound Ice carpet tiles come in 5 colourways and has a wear class rating of 33 meaning they are perfect for any places with heavy footfall, like heavy commercial spaces! Don't foget Milliken tiles are cushion back so not only are they super comfy to walk on, they have great ergonomic effects too!


Northward Bound Glacier

Now on to our last tile of the collection - Glacier! This one is inspired by the cracks formed in ice! Can you now see how Glacier, Ice and Snow all work perfectly together?! Of course you can use each one on it's own but why not combine all 3 to creat utterly beautiful designs! You can even use our Design Lab to give yourself a headstart if you're not sure, go on, it's FREE!!


Watch our video to find out more!