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WOW! Check out Interface Iridescence!

Georgia Urmson

Hold on to your hats design lovers! This one is going down a storm!

The all new Interface LVT is a ground breaker! Why? Because this LVT comes in TILES! Yep, it's not often you get an LVT product that comes in tiles, but this one does, and not only that, it is beautifully designed! I mean did we expect anything less from Interface?! 

Check out what it looks like below!


Gorgeous right?! The Iridescence Luxury Vinyl Tile is 50cm x 50cm and is available in 12 different colours with a beautiful watercolour effect running through each tile. Made with Interface's Sound Choice™ backing, you can be sure you are looking after the environment whilst still having beautifully designed floors. Coming with a 15-year guarantee and a wear class of 33 - that's commercial grade to you and I - Interface Iridescence is perfect for that flooring upgrade that you've been putting off for months! 


Who is it for?

Iridesence is made for the commercial customer but really anyone can use this anywhere! I mean just look at it! Can I order it for my whole house and office please?! Thanks! 

You can use these LVT tiles on their own or you can mix and match the colour selection to create beautiful designs. You can even use these with any other Interface product including carpet planks & tiles! 

Check out this fab design from the Interface head office in Birmigham! 


Watch our video to find out more!




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