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Rebecca Ali

Time for a change?

So, your flooing's been looking a little lacklustre lately. You keep telling yourself you're going to get around to that much needed makeover but, you never do. Don't worry, we won't judge! Life can be crazy, and sometimes the things we'd like to do end up getting pushed aside for the things you have to do. Well, this week we're here to give you the push you need to replace that lacklustre floor for something light, luxurious and long-lasting. 

If you haven't already heard (you must be living under a rock) LG LVT is currently at it's LOWEST EVER PRICE on the DCTUK website!! So it's out with the old and in with the new, right in time for Christmas too! I've put together some of my favourite LG designs to help give you some inspiration.So whether you want to liven up the living room or revamp the office, there's a design here for you. 

LG Decotile Gluedown Stone LVT in Millstone

Starting off with the Decotile Gluedown Stone collection, it has 8 different stone inspired designs to choose from all coming in at £11.95m2. This collection's shades range from soft greys to a dark midnight black. My favourite design in this collection is Millstone. It's a charcoal grey with a modern marbelled design running throiuhgout each tile. It gives a luxurious and lavish vibe to any room. I'd recommend this design for a bathroom or kitchen because, this flooring is water resistant and doesn't swell or distort. So you don't have to worry about the kids splashing about in the bath, or spilling that cup of coffee on the kitchen floor, because this flooring can take it! It's easy to clean (no polishing or waxing required) and it's PUR double coating helps make it more resistant to scratches. If you ask me this flooring is an absolute 10/10, so go check it out!


LG Decotile Gluedown Wood LVT

If you've been wanting wooden flooring for a while but don't want to pay for the real thing and haven't found a good enough lookalike, then I've got the one for you! The sister collection to Stone, LG Decotile Gluedown Wood LVT has 20 different wood inspired designs to choose from. One of my favourite designs in this collecion is Honey Oak. Worthy of it's name, Honey Oak is a sweet/soft shade of brown that will brighten up a room with ease. Ideal for the living room, bedroom or hallway, this LVT is £11.95m2, easy to clean, has scratch resistant properties and comes with a 25 year guarantee! 


LG Harmony Gluedown Herringbone LVT

Another wood inspired collection by LG, Harmony Gluedown Herringbone has 6 designs varying from light brown tones to a rich chocolate brown. Unlike the Decotile Gluedown Wood LVT, this collection can be placed in various positions to help create a bespoke herringbone pattern. This flooring is £20.95m2, suitable for both commercial and residential use. It comes with a lifetime warranty for residential customers and a 15 year warranty for commercial users. Swiss Birch is a favourite of mine from this collection, it's a classic colour that would go great with any interior design. I beleive this would look great in the hallway beacuse the design will catch your eye straight away . I'd also reccomend it for the living room and kitchen beacuse it doesn't hold dust, dirt, pollen, etc. making it easy to clean. 


LG Harmony Gluedown LVT

The LG Harmony Gluedown LVT collection is by far one of my favourite LG collections! It comes in 20 designs varying from modern marble pettersn to classic wooden planks. My absolute favourite design in this collecion is Glacier, it's a marble pattern inspired by artic tones of white and grey. It would make a statement in any kitchen or bathroom. It has both fire and slip resistant properties for only £18.49m2 and it comes with a life time warranty, so what's not to love? 


LG Decoclick LVT

LG Decoclick LVT has 14 different designs the same as those in the Decotile Gluedown Stone and Wood LVT collections. What's different to this collection from the stone and wood collections is, these tiles/planks have a time saving instilation system! A simple click design system installed on the back of each tile/plank which allows them to just click into place. A great flooring addition to any house would be Mahgany Oak. This rich chocolate brown is a showstopper, adding an extra level of timeless luxury to any interior. At £20.49m2 it's a steal! 


LG Advance Click LVT

Similar to LG Decoclick LVT, Advance Click uses the same click instilation design system to help making installing the tiles/planks easier and quicker. To help make the process even easier, quicker and cheaper, advance click doesn't require any adhesive! All you have to do is click the flooring into place and you're done. Advance click uses the same designs as those in the LG Harmony Gluedown collecton. It's £25.95m2, comes with a 30 year warranty, has an R10 slip resistant rating and a strong 6mm thickness. Anthracite is a particlaur design that caught my eye and I think it makes a lovely flooring. The contrast of the dark floor against lighter furniture can help make the furniture stand out.  


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