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Milliken Fractals & Poise

Jon Techilovsky

Milliken Fractals & Poise

Don’t settle for plain grey carpet tiles, transform your office into a tranquil, peaceful space with Poise & Fractals.

Milliken have managed to wow us again by producing 2 more beautiful carpet plank and tile collections in 2019. Using proprietary Millitron® patterning technology, they’ve combined soft organic patterning with subtle washes of pastel colours in a complex textural luxurious construction. For those of you who aren’t clued-up about industry talk, this basically means they print the pattern onto a blank carpet tile, how clever is that?


Poise and Fractals are two separate collections but work together so well. Fractals is inspired by nature and celebrates inner well-being and personal healing, a topic that is widely discussed in the media.

Now these carpet planks come in two forms; Enlace and Entangle. Both can light up any space with its soft, pastel colours. Do the colours look similar? yes. BUT when they are fitted into a large space, you can really see the different washes of colour. Pair Elace with Entangle and you’ve bagged yourself a beautiful floor design.


Inspired by the human’s connection with Nature, Milliken Poise presents 11 neutral, calming colourways to play around with which can transform your space into a bright, ethereal atmosphere.

Milliken Poise & Fractals may be soft and neutral, but there is nothing soft about how hard wearing this carpet tile is. With a class 33 use and StainSmart protection, which is a durable performance feature providing protection for your carpet against penetrating stains and soil, these carpet tiles are perfect for any heavy commercial space.

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