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NEW COLLECTION ALERT: Milliken Sculptured Forms

Lily Field

What is Milliken Sculptured Forms?

Sculptured Forms is one of Milliken's brand new collections. It consists of three wonderful and different ranges: High Relief, In The Round and Marble Cast. Blending depth and design through a harmonious use of colour, Sculptured Forms introduces an element of surprise to your flooring. Intricate patterns and lush textures intersect to reimagine structure and shape. Geometric elements entwine with delicate, organic forms, delivering a harmonious and architecturally inspired elegance that elevates any interior space. 


What do they have to offer?

Despite their unique characteristics, these ranges harmoniously complement one another! With an impressive 15-year guarantee, this tile allows you to unleash your creativity, even during your 'Ghost' era when you're swept away by the allure of Patrick Swayze, without worrying about damaging your flooring.🤩

In The Round features an entrancing circular design that defies the conventions of conventional floor coverings, these tiles go beyond mere carpeting – they serve as a canvas for artistic expression and a manifestation of refined craftsmanship. High Relief carpet tiles offer a spectrum of neutrals, ranging from deep grey to infuse depth into your workspace, to light beige for a touch of vitality! The Marble Cast collection is inspired by the timeless beauty of natural marble. Each tile features intricate patterns and a rich, marbled texture, creating an ambiance of refined luxury.👑

Don't confine yourself to a single colour; mix and match the three ranges or experiment with colours within the same range to achieve a contemporary aesthetic. Your flooring aspirations are just a step away...👟


Can't decide?

This range can be purchased easily via our super Sales team or online via our wonderful website, if you need me information you can always chat to anyone at DCTUK and they can advise you on which option would suit you. When you buy you can opt for our nationwide fitting service AND if you're feeling that extra lil bit lazy... joking, you can opt for our design service too! Our team fo designers and fitters, will work away in our office and your space to transform your flooring, the DCTUK way. 👷‍♂️