4 reasons why you should opt for carpet tiles


4 reasons why you should opt for carpet tiles

Working for a company that specialises in carpet tiles, you start to realise they have quite a bad rep. It doesn’t take long to find someone slagging them off online and referring to them as something that should be left in the 70s”. By the way guys, it really hurts our feelings when you say mean things like that *pierces mouth and holds back tears*.

Modular carpet is becoming increasingly popular due to the multiple benefits you get with it that you don’t get with standard wall to wall (also known as broadloom). And trust me, when I say it’s becoming popular I mean like Head Cheerleader and Captain of the Football team in an American High School popular.

Modular carpet usually comes in a 50x50cm square format however many manufacturers are now selling 100x25cm rectangular carpet planks. Size dimensions can sometimes differ slightly from product to product and manufacturer to manufacturer.

Modulyss Patchwork

1. Cost

On average, carpet tiles tend to work out a lot cheaper per square metre than wall to wall and, in many cases, you’re actually not losing out on quality or style. When using carpet tiles there is also a lot less wastage meaning you’re not forking out on extra product that ends up getting cut off and thrown in the skip anyway.

Here at DCTUK we also offer an extremely competitive fitting service across the UK and London that comes with a FREE site survery and measure. If I do say so myself, our team of expert fitters do a friggen good job and you would not be disappointed.

So if you’re weary on cost, and in this day and age who isn’t? Then carpet tiles are your knight in shining armour. Or your knight in tufted loop… Get it? Tufted loop construction? *Queue’s tumbleweed*

Nouveau Vogue Air

2. Time

Opting for carpet tiles can also save on a lot of time, and at the end of the day guys, TIME IS MONEY! Especially if you work in a watch factory… Modular carpet is much easier to lift, move and install which means the fitting process is completed in a much shorter period.

Here’s a fun fact for you, carpet tiles where actually invented in Amsterdam. Due to the narrow streets, tall, thin homes and endless miles of canal carpet rolls where hard to manage and get around. So, a smart guy down at a company called Heuga decided it would be a good idea to chop it up into multiple pieces and package it into easily transportable boxes which could then be delivered straight to your doorstep ready for an easy lay. An easy lay has never been that difficult to get in Amsterdam though has it… Too far? My bad.

Nouveau Connections used in a project we supplied and fitted

3. Easily maintained

One of the most appealing things about carpet tiles is the fact they can be easily removed and replaced if wear or damage occurs. If you’re that person who always has one too many at the office party and ends up spilling a bottle of red all over the floor you’re probably over the moon with that one!

Unlike broadloom, if carpet tiles are damaged you don’t have to rip up the whole floor and splash out on a brand new one; you can just take up an individual tile, get it replaced and you’re as good as new! Technicians also love a good carpet tile too because they can easily get access to the substrate floors below making their job a lot easier.

Nouveau Drift and Shift

4. Unlimited design opportunities

You’ll be surprised to discover that modular carpet provides the user with limitless amounts of design opportunities. People may automatically think of that boring, lifeless blue carpet tile they have in their office but carpet tiles are actually a lot more fun than that! Sadly, your boss is just a snore…

If you do have a boss that likes to play it a bit safe you can point right him over to our FREE design service. We’ll take your plans, find out a bit about your space and then create a truly unique floor design all free of charge; so what’s he got to lose?

Modular carpet can be used to create zones in open plan offices, as a tool for way finding or even to create fun, feature rugs in a breakout area or plush boutique hotels. Don’t believe me? Have a scroll and take a look at these spectacular floor designs using carpet tiles and planks!

Interface Employ Loop and Employ Lines
Interface On Line and Off Line carpet planks
Forbo Layout & Outline carpet planks
Nouveau Futureproof

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