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Nouveau Plush: Comfy, cosy, classy.

Lily Field

What is Nouveau Plush?

Say hello to DCTUK's very own collection's new addition to the team... Nouveau Plush. Crafted to enhance the aesthetic appeal of both residential and commercial spaces, these carpet tiles embody a sense of luxury and comfort that is truly exceptional. Nouveau Plush carpet tiles are characterised by their extraordinary softness and a radiant shine, reminiscent of the opulence of silk, guaranteeing a sumptuous and indulgent experience underfoot.

You don't have to worry about swapping out style for comfort or even worry about ya budget. This tile gives you all the goodies in one lovely little 50cm x 50cm square! cheeky


What does Nouveau Plush have to offer?

A lil bit of everything. Plush boasts a fabulous 8.3mm thickness, so your tootsies can do enough sinking into the carpet without feeling like there's concrete underneath your foot! It is composed of 100% solution dyed nylon, and it is structured as a Saxony tufted carpet tile. No idea what that means, me neither but ChatGPT does... "Saxony carpets are known for their dense, even, and luxurious cut pile surface." That's all I need to know. SOLD! yes


But I don't know how to install them?

This range can be purchased easily via our super Sales team or online via our wonderful website. When you buy you can opt for our nationwide fitting service AND if you're feeling that extra lil bit lazy... joking, you can opt for our design service too! Our team of designers and fitters, will work away in our office and your space to transform your flooring, the DCTUK way.wink


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