Our Spring Sale is Here!

Lily Field

What is DCTUK.com's Spring Sale?

Our Spring Sale consists of baskets of discounts and special offers across all of our products on our website! We have offers personalised for our residential and commercial customers, so that you aren't buying flooring for your home when it belongs in an office. Our page is tailored for you, to make it easy to navigate and find the best tiles as well as the best price. 

If you are budget conscious then our Spring Sale offers a whole range of different carpet tiles and LVT that will suit your design style, we showcase our new prices in red on our product page so you can be sure to spot them!

We are offering up to 50% off for all of our commercial customers this Spring, PLUS when you spend over £999 on flooring of your choice you will receive a free plant, courtesy of DCTUK.

Don't worry Resis we have codes for you too, when you spend over £599 you will receive a 10% discount on our home products. But... if you are conscious of spending over £599, not to worry because we have a code for you too! Receive 5% off any order you place, with no minimum spend.


What products do DCTUK offer for Commercial customers?

Well, if I listed them all we would be here all day. So, I will give you a select few and leave the rest to you guys. 

  1. Balsan Forest carpet tiles are an excellent choice for anyone looking for both functional and aesthetic benefits in their workspace. These tiles offer a unique design that mimics the look of trees, bringing a sense of nature and calmness into any indoor environment. In addition to their visual appeal, Balsan Forest tiles are also highly durable and can withstand heavy foot traffic and frequent use. This makes them a practical option for commercial and office settings where durability is important. Overall, Balsan Forest carpet tiles are an excellent choice for those looking to create a serene and stylish workspace. NOW £5.49

  2. If you want to incorporate natural elements into your indoor space, the Human Connections Moss carpet tiles are an ideal solution. They can easily be paired with wooden flooring, or with other product ranges from Human Connections, for a cohesive and stylish look. This combination of design versatility and sustainability makes Human Connections Moss tiles a smart choice for any workspace. NOW £5.49

  3. Introducing Nouveau Evolution - our very own carpet tiles that combine stunning nature-inspired aesthetics with eco-friendliness. These tiles are one of our most sustainable options, perfect for those looking to make environmentally conscious choices in their workspace. With 26 different colorways available, these tiles offer a range of vibrant options that can be combined to create a lively and stimulating atmosphere. So, if you want to bring both biophilic sophistication and eco-consciousness to your space, Nouveau Evolution is the perfect choice for you! NOW £6.25

There you go three of our biophilc-esque tiles for to explore and if you are not a fan of these check our our Spring Sale landing page or even our project page for more!


What products do DCTUK offer for Residential customers?

Again, I won't make an extensive list for you guys to read through. Instead I will write an extensive 3 bullet-point list about some of our spring sale resi products! 

  1. First we have our Nouveau Spa carpet tiles. These tiles provide an exceptional combination of high quality and affordability, making them a great value for your budget. These tiles offer a warm and luxurious vibe, perfect for those moments when you need to indulge in life's small pleasures. While being close to nature can be restorative, the coziness and sophistication offered by Nouveau Spa's carpet tiles are equally important. With their affordable price tag and superior quality, Nouveau Spa's carpet tiles are an excellent choice for anyone looking to elevate their workspace. NOW £3.95
  2. Next we have Nouveau Revive, another one of our own! Whether you want to transform your living room or turn your unused gym into a biophilic wonderland, these earthy-toned carpet tiles are the perfect choice for any home. Their natural colors evoke a sense of nature and tranquility, making them ideal for creating a calming and peaceful atmosphere. These tiles also offer a great deal of versatility, with various shades of brown that can be mixed and matched to complement each other. We highly recommend experimenting with different combinations to find the perfect look for your space. NOW £3.45
  3. And lastly we have Nouveau Home comforts. The name of these tiles is not just a label - they truly live up to it. This particular range happens to be one of our most popular sellers, owing to its ultra-soft texture and its exquisite selection of brown and beige tiles that perfectly complement any humble abode. In addition to their stylish appearance, these tiles are also equipped with exceptional light and water fastness properties. So you can rest assured that you won't have to worry about their appearance deteriorating over time. These tiles are definitely a great addition to your interior, adding a touch of chic to any space. NOW £3.49

Spring Interior Trends 2023

So everyone knows, and if you don't you sure will now, that I LOVE a trend. I love trends especially when they come to Interior Design and renovating your home, so in this section I have decided to put together a few upcoming spring interior trends this year. These will hopefully help you choose some powerful statement pieces or colours in your space as well as guide you to what colours will pop in your flooring too!

  1. Very obviously at number one are 'Vibrant Colours.' Since Viva Magenta is colour of the year, we will see hot pink making a comeback whilst being paired with our comfort colours e.g. Eathy tones like Carnaby Yellow. There is a common like between many designers, they want to see tones that make us feel uplifted but calm at the same time. With the right balance of both these colour groups, you will have the perfect home all ready for Spring.
  2. Next we have 'organic Lighting,' as a design enthusiast organic shapes and lighting help remove a clinical and formla feeling in a home. Wabi Sabi is a form of Japanese interior design concept which finds the beauty in the natural and untouched things in life. By introducing naturally irregular items or assymmetrical paterns in your home will make a home feel more relaxed. Incorporating hand-crafted wicker lighting will add personality and a unique vibe to your space.
  3. 'Charming Furniture' is at number 3. The reintroduction of an almost neo-classicist design style has saprked an interest in renaissance-esque dressing tables as well as lamps too. Now although sustainability is a main priority, period pieces are a huge must this spring, adding in huge velvet arm chairs whilst contrasting these with small cushions as well as modernised furnishings, will add that touch of sparkle to your home.
  4. Lastly, we have open kitchens. Not in the sense of 'open-plan' but moreso coming away from the cupboards we have now and repacing these with open shelves or more glass doors. By doing so, we can add more depth and colour to our space. The kitchen is one of my favourite places to be and so it is important that when I have my own, I can really make it mine and definitely take some inspo from Daokta Johnson!

These are not the only upcoming spring trends of 2023 and we aren't saying incorporate all of them but definitely give it a go and make your space, wherever you are, unique to you. Spring is all about new beginnings and turning over a new leaf, so here is your opportunity. Get inspired and check out our project page if you are interested in zhuzhing up your floors!