Why opt for Carpet Tiles? I'll tell you why...


Why opt for Carpet Tiles? I'll tell you why...

It's now week 2 in my role as Interior Design and Product Owner Executive and, I will admit, there has been a lot of information to get my head around; castor ratings, tufted loop, pile composition? Huh? And the amount of times I've heard the word 'nosings' flying around the office! What are nosings?! (I've since found out they are the metal frame that goes on the edge of a step… but still) Anyway, what I was most keen to discover in my first weeks at DCTUK is why the carpet tile market is currently booming. So, if you're wondering why you're hearing more and more about carpet tiles and why it is you should opt for them instead of wall to wall (also known as broadloom) then listen up.

First things first, let's start with the basic benefits of carpet tiles and why people are now opting for them over other flooring alternatives. Carpet tiles are a lot faster and easier to lay than wall to wall carpet. If you were feeling D.I.Y savvy you could actually lay them yourself which is always good to know. With carpet tiles there's also no need to panic when the workmen come in; they can be easily taken up and replaced without the hassle that comes with broadloom. When using carpet tiles there tends to be a lot less waste because it's easier to work around awkward spaces and fill in little gaps and minimal waste means a happier environment; waste not want not and all of that! As there is not as much wastage, carpet tiles are also the better choice economically and who doesn't love to save some pennies hey?

Red hexagon colour pop carpet tiles
Breakout area using colourful carpet tiles

Statement walls, feature fireplaces and eye-catching furniture has always taken centre stage but now it's time for your floor to take the spotlight. Funky carpets are set to be a hot trend this year with Elle Décor listing 11 ways to make an impact with your carpet. The wonderful thing about carpet tiles is that they're highly versatile and fun to play with when designing. You can lay them in various ways to make interesting patterns, assist visitors with wayfinding and create individual spaces such as chill out zones without using physical barriers; now you can't do that with laminate!

Commercial space contrasting grey tiles with red blocking
Pathway created using green carpet planks

After 2 weeks at DCTUK I am proud to say I have now leaped on to the carpet tile bandwagon and I'm not jumping off any time soon. Now it's time for you to go and create a space with an impact starting from the bottom.

Unique pattern using different shades of grey and green carpet tiles
Pattern for breakout area using shades of grey and yellow carpet tiles

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