Calling all our superhero's! Open for a gift!

Georgia Urmson

Working as a key worker is tough and that is an understatement from what you have all been through over the past year. You work long hours and don't always get the recognition you deserve. But, we want to make it easier for you to take care of yourself and your family by giving all key workers 7% off all products at DCTUK with Blue light discount! So that much needed flooring renovation that you keep putting off? Now's your chance to make it happen! 🙌🏼


What are we offering you?

If you are a Blue Light Card holder then you can search for DCTUK and get your special discount code to get 7% off ALL products on our website! This could be a huge saving if you want  to get that much needed flooring reno done!

This offer is online only so will not work if placing an order over the phone. You also cannot use this code in conjunction with any other offer. 

Visit the Blue Light Card website here!


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