Colour Focus: Purple

Annabelle Harris

Colour Focus: Purple

Purple: combining the calm stability of blue and the fierce energy of red

Forget Purple Rain, here we prefer a more invigorating Purple Haze that gets the blood pumping rather than leaving you soaked right through. That’s right you guessed it (if the title didn’t give you any hints) this week we are diving into the magical and mystery world of purple. 

When it comes to interior design purple is not an easy colour to work with, think - how many purple items you own? That’s what I thought - single digits only (it’s cheating if purple is your favourite colour by the way). Despite this, purple is an extremely versatile colour that can be both flamboyant and calming. 

Purple is more than just a transitional colour favoured by teenage girls, it’s the main event that will give your interior a sense of luxury and elegance. With a huge colour palette ranging from lavender and lilac to mauve and grape, the different shades of purple will evoke varying emotions in us and will create a range of different interiors.  


Opting for lighter shades of purple (such as lavender and lilac) will aid in creating a calming space. As we all get to grips with our new daily routines and reduced interactions with other human beings, it’s quite easy to become overwhelmed and anxious and this is where purple takes centre stage. Named one of the top colours to soothe anxiety and promote wellness, purple hues can help create a calming and peaceful environment and this is just what the doctor order in these chaotic times (also known as 2020).

Brighter shades of purple will bring an exciting energy to a room or space that is currently lacking that much-needed va va voom. Purple is playful and is associated with an escape from reality and magical images. Opting for darker shades provides the perfect backdrop for you to add colour through furniture and finishes to create a striking look. Just remember, there can be a such a thing as 'too much purple' - be careful not to go too OTT.


Long associated with wealth and royalty as purple dye was precious and expensive, inviting purple into your colour scheme will give your interior a sense of opulence. Whether you’re envisioning a bright and creative space and need luminous purple carpet tiles or are decorating a bedroom with beautifully soft, light purple carpet tiles, you’ll be amazed how much new flooring can totally transform a space.  So if your looking for extravagance on a budget (and who isn't nowadays) then head on over to DCTUK to shop all things purple.

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