Dirty Rundown House to Instagram Dream Home Reno!

Georgia Urmson

Dirty Rundown House to Instagram Dream Home Reno!

If your partner suggests you come and view a property as a potential future family home but you need to wear hard-soled shoes and under no circumstances touch anything inside, what would you say? I know I would run for the hills! 

But not 31-year-old building services project manager Sion Jenkins. He could see the huge potential in this dingy 3 story house. 

Check out some of the before pics below, but I warn you, it's not a pretty sight...


Decorate or Renovate?

The couple's vision was to completely renovate their home from top-to-bottom and create an interior fit for any popular Instagram account. But it wasn't going to be easy or cheap as they were both still working full time at jobs that weren't related to design. 

Hannah says: "The house was originally built in the late 1870s - we refurbished it from top to bottom, this meant that what would usually have been a small task soon turned into a mammoth job.

"This often became frustrating - taking on such a big project was a challenge - and it was 10 months of hard work before we could leave our rental property and move in.

"These 10 months were the most difficult due to physical and financial strains. Whilst we wanted to finish the project after moving in, we prioritised rooms to complete and lived in the property unfinished - our family bathroom and kitchen were completed two years after we originally moved in.

"We chose to do this to avoid compromising on our vision for the property and to ensure we could complete it to a high standard."


Although the couple says it was such a tough, stressful process, they wouldn't change anything for the world. Inside is where the word attractive is taken to the next level, as this four-storey family home now oozes glamour, luxury and high-end decor, especially in the kitchen and the bathroom that the couple waited so long to create and enjoy! 


What do you think?

Would you be willing to do a renovation that was a previous dumpster? Or are you the type of person to move in and have everything already done?! I know which I am! If you would like to see more before and afters and find out more about this UNREAL reno then just watch our YouTube vid below! Don't forget to comment your thoughts!  

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