Scrap Yard to Million Pound House Renovation?!

Georgia Urmson

Scrap Yard to Million Pound House Renovation?!

Our Affordable Design Podcast is back with a new series!

Our brand new podcast series is now live! Over the next few weeks we will be showing you our best before and after renovations from the UK -  that we have scoured the internet for! 

In this first episode we see a run down and unloved scrapyard be transformed into not just one, but 2 million pound houses!! You have got to see the befores and afters, they had us like :scream:

The Befores

David Johnston, a former graphic designer who started out in advertising, got the bug for doing up houses in his thirties. Now instead of building one big house he has built two attractive, modern 2-story homes on a brownfield site that used to be home to an iron railing workshop.

The old metalworks was a single-storey block with a corrugated front and it looked like she had been knee-deep in accumulated rubbish for years.


What the renovation consists of

The owner knew he wanted a modern style, with a big living-dining area and outside space, being a graphic designer this part was easy.

They came up with a design that sank each house down about three feet so that their unique curved rooflines, with its zinc finish in raised seams are far lower than the surrounding roofs, making it a stand-out. Because the new floor level is sunken, the eaves are, amazingly, only 13ft 6in above ground level!

The After!


How amazing is that!

WOW! What a transformation! 

The houses use a palette of pale brick, pale polished concrete, pale oak and white walls.

The whitish brick used throughout adds an elegant touch and runs from inside to outside. The outer street walls are in the same brick with slatted hardwood gates.

You cannot see these two houses from the pavement, which is really cool.


What do you think about this transformation?

Let us know what you think! You can watch the full episode of our podcast and see more before and afters of this amazing renovation below! Don't forget to subscribe as we have a new episode weekly with a new renovation to get excited about and give you that inspo fix you needed. 


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