Interior trends 2020: Eclectic Glamour

Annabelle Harris

Interior trends 2020: Eclectic Glamour

Interior Design Trends 2020

So far we have explored interior design trends ‘Abstract Energy’ and ‘The return of beige’. This week it’s ‘Eclectic Glamour’s’ turn in the spotlight.

Think rich colours, think metallic and most importantly, think glamour.

A sophisticated and extravagant take on mid-century interiors, this trend merges velvety textures and sleek surfaces with geometric lines and curved edges. Channelling the sophisticated elegance of the thirties with a little sexy seventies style thrown into the mix, Eclectic Glamour is taking last year's refined glamour trend up a notch.

Be BOLD...

Eclectic glamour is all about making a statement. Eclectic Glamour works for both contemporary new builds and more classic properties in any room that is in desperate need of a flamboyant make-over. As with most trends, Eclectic Glamour relies heavily on its colour palette. Focusing on a combination of rich blues, deep greys and emerald greens balanced out with mustard's and peaches to embellish the look.

Use brass, bronze and copper metallics to add the finishing touch of sass to your decor through the use of accessories such as light fittings, handles and taps. Velvet reigns supreme throughout this trend, add in a plump velvet chair or a statement bedframe with marble table tops, cocktail trolleys and animal print rugs and baam, you’ve got it nailed. Eclectic Glamour on point. 

Don’t be afraid of darker shades and deep wood finishes, bring home that glam appeal with carpet tiles and LVT from DCTUK.


Carpet Tiles

Modulyss Velvet& - For those that yearn a bold, confident and contemporary looking home decor this range is what you’ve been looking for. You’re go-to beauty guru to complete this look, Modulyss Velvet& was made for this trend. Defining opulence through lavish textural contrast and rich colours, Velvet& combines the look of elegant and time-worn velvet to a T. Available in a deep colour palette, these tiles feature a tonal duality through a random tip-sheared texture. The ideal look for those who aren’t afraid to make a statement and appreciate a bit of bling.

Nouveau Elite - Elite by name and Elite by nature. Slightly more friendly to the bank balance, Nouveau Elite promises style and elegance at a refreshingly low price point. Featuring the rich tones needed to achieve an Eclectic Glamour interior, these tufted loop pile carpet tiles are a pretty popular choice. 

Heuga 727 - Ooozing with colour choice, Heuga 727 boasts a colour palette of 48 colourways, including all the Eclectic Glam essentials from deep blues to mustard yellows. The dream palette for those daring to be different, Heuga 727 is constructed using self repairing Nylon yarns that boast wear-resistant, anti-static and fire-resistant properties as well as easy clean qualities. As durable as they are stylish, what’s not to love?

Forbo Flotex Wood Effect carpet planks - For those who are after a wood-effect flooring but aren’t ready to give up the underfoot comfort of carpet, we bring to you furry wood-effect flooring planks from Forbo. Inviting wood into your interior is a perfect way to achieve Eclectic Glamour by leaving the richer tones to the wall coverings and soft furnishings. Boasting Durability, underfoot comfort and anti-slip qualities, these babies will be as easy to keep looking fresh as the real thing.


Laminate and LVT

Forbo Tessera Synergy Marble - add a touch of sass to your interior with these marble vinyl tiles from Forbo. Combine seamlessly with carpet tiles to set the perfect backdrop for modern glam. Plus can you name me a better combo than marble and velvet? Didn't think so.

Dark wood LVT - From deep mahogany to warm tones of ash, dark wood is perfect for those who prefer to live on the darker side of life. These dark and indulgent tones will help to achieve a modern and contemporary finish. Shop all dark wood LVT here!