Interior trends 2020: The return of beige

Annabelle Harris

Interior trends 2020: The return of beige

Interior Design Trends 2020

So a couple of weeks back we introduced you to the biggest interior trends of 2020, now we’re here to show you how to achieve these trends with our show-stopping floor collections.

This week we have - The return of the beige

Over the last decade we've seen a huge rise in the popularity of grey interiors, turning up the blue tones and dialling down the warmer neutrals. Grey became the standard colour of choice in our homes, beige was the forgotten trend, a thing of the past. 

However, many of us have come to the realisation that too much grey can be a little hard to live with, its cool and dull tones can create an unwelcoming atmosphere and can be well, downright depressing. People are now u-turning back to the warmer colours and softer neutrals of the 1990's. Beige is making its comeback and it’s stronger than ever. Shaking off its ‘boring’ and ‘dated’ reputation, it's on a mission to prove that beige is anything but bland. 

Now this is not to be confused with brown, when we say beige think buttermilk, oatmeal, vanilla, biscuit, eggshell, camel. It covers the spectrum of creamy-warm off-whites to sandy-earthy tones. These warmer based neutral tones will help to create a calm, welcoming and uplifting space.


Create a minimalist beige interior

Sometimes you just can’t beat the basics and keeping your flooring simple and uncomplicated is one way to achieve this trend. However, if you go simple with your flooring you need to go all out with your soft furnishings and wall coverings. 

Starting off with a nice, simple budget friendly carpet tile, Nouveau Urban - Sand is perfect for those with smaller budgets at just a teeny tiny £1.89 a pop. Despite Nouveau Urban’s budget-friendly price tag, its durability and quality cannot be faulted, boasting anti-bacterial and anti-static qualities. 

If you’re on the hunt for something a little softer on the toes, Nouveau Home Comforts could be the one for you. Featuring three different shades of beige - Biscuit TinBubble Bath and Fresh Linen, these warm neutrals will leave you feeling instantly serene. Not only pleasant to look at and fashion-forward, Home Comforts also boasts impressive light and water fastness so you can have faith in its appearance and performance retention. 

Heuga 727 is a firm residential favourite and many are reluctant to ever sway from their beloved Heuga carpet tiles. With LinenOyster and Camel to choose from, Heuga 727 carpet tiles are one of the most popular loop pile designs on the market.


Add some texture to your space

Boho’s influence is one of the main reasons that we are seeing more beige and brown tones in interiors. Boho uses rattan and wicker to add texture to a space and to create a natural rustic, shabby-chic vibe. One way to invite texture is through your flooring choice, ensuring that your flooring is the centre of attention. Just how we like it.  

Nouveau Concrete - Sand just oozes warmth. Featuring a concrete-like effect running throughout the tile with a twisted pile construction, Nouveau Concrete gives you a super soft, cushioned feel underfoot too.

Brand new to DCTUK, Modulyss First Define - 061 will create an inviting space with its kick back, go with the flow vibe. Featuring a random pattern across the tile, First Define is sure to make your flooring the top attraction. 

Nouveau Vogue Fractal - Beige is just well, perfect for this trend. Cutting-edge and contemporary, these innovative carpet tiles are striking a style-savvy balance between old and new, sure to make an impact on any interior. 

EGE ReForm Artworks Assemble Ecotrust - Beige will bring a natural and organic look and feel to your interior. Its textured multi-level loop brushstroke design is perfect for adding layers into your space. 

Create a uniformed look with Interface Monochrome CreamCaraway and Malt. A classic carpet tile that will provide your interior with an elegant and timeless look thanks to its lattice effect.


Light Wood LVT

Carpet tiles aren't for everyone, we get it (well, we pretend too). Some love the sleek and crisp look of a wooden flooring and is there any better way to invite beige (not brown) tones into your home than with wood-effect luxury vinyl tiles? Luxury vinyl tiles give you all the good looks of wood without the up-keep. Head on over to our light-mid wood LVT collection to add an element nature and casual elegance to your home.

Now, we could try meeting half way, rugs are a huge part of this trend. When scrolling through Pinterest looking for ‘beige interior inspo’ you'll find rugs on rugs on rugs. Rugs tend to be a common theme. A rug can effortlessly transform any room and it’s the ultimate multitask-er, enhancing style and hiding imperfections. 


Have you tried creating your own rug?

Rugs can be a tad on the spenny side of life and since we have all become DIY kings & queens since the beginning of lockdown, why not try making your own rug with carpet tiles. Head on over to our ‘How to make a rug out of carpet tiles’ blog post to follow the three simple steps.

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