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Did you know we fit for the home?

You've all been asking, and we've finally done it!

Not only will you receive top notch, affordable, quality flooring from us but you can now enquire to get your flooring fitted in your home by our skilled fitting team.

Some of us are naturally gifted at DIY and can fit, fix or build anything without an instruction manual, but for those who need a little extra help, we're here to fit the floor for you.

What we can do

We can offer you our fantastic fitting service nationwide! That's right, so if you live at the very top of Scotland or the very edge of Plymouth, we can get to you.

We also straight lay all products. From carpet tiles to carpet planks to LVT. We can do it.

What we can't do

Just like life, there are some rules and they cannot be bent or broken. Here's what we can't do when it comes to fitting your dream flooring.

We can't uplift any existing flooring. Which means you will have to do this yourself. Sorry!

We can't screed the floor for you. So if you have any lumps, bumps or holes in your floor, we won't be able to lay our flooring on top.

Our fitters can't move your furniture, so just make sure the room is clear before they arrive.

We don't offer to fit sub floor ply boarding, this won't be a problem if your sub floor is perfectly fine though! Just make sure you take plenty of pictures of it so we can see it beforehand.

We also don't cap and cove for vinyl products.

So what do you need to do?

Now you've read what we can and can't do, you're ready to get a quote and view pricing!

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