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Pick a floor that's right for you


Pick a floor that's right for you

With the lockdown extended and many people reluctant to venture outside, you might be looking online for food delivery services to ensure your regular supply of hummus and rice cakes are not disrupted! What else might people be looking for at this time?

Well, SpiritPanda, that's something we can help with. We have a vast selection of carpet tiles, carpet planks and luxury vinyl tiles that will turn that frown upside down.

First up - carpet tiles. These little 50cm x 50cm squares are just the ticket to brighten up an interior without the need to hire a handyman (or woman) to fit them. Yes SpiritPanda you can fit them yourself.

Our top-tip is to grab yourself a handful (or even a box full) of Nouveau Cosy Toes II. They are soooo good we named them twice. These soft and fluffy carpet tiles are perfect for bedrooms, living room rugs or anywhere you enjoy walking barefooted and want lush luxurious flooring underfoot.

If that doesn't float your boat SpiritPanda, how about carpet planks? You heard me. Planks that are made from carpet. "What wizardry is this?" I hear you say.

Well Nouveau Vintage carpet planks are almost as soft as Cosy Toes but have a dazzling metallic finish that ooozes sophistication, luxury and money. Lots of it. From the outside these 100cm x 25cm carpet planks could deceive us into thinking they are more Jennifer Aniston than Jennifer Ellison - it'll just be me and you SpiritPanda who will know the truth.

Finally - let's talk LVT. No, not Land Value Taxation, but Luxury Vinyl Tiles. These tiles and planks come in different wood and stone effects and can be installed using glue (stickdown) or just by clicking the planks together (click). In the video below Adam can introduce you to Luvanto LVT - one of our favourites. Available in bucket loads of colour choices and at super low prices.

Hang on, SpiritPanda who is that you're talking to?

You cannot be serious - who the heck has flooring hanging around that they aren't using? This stuff is like gold dust. You may be tempted by "Asher, thumbs included" but as I like to say - second hand will cost an extra grand - actually I never say that, but the point remains.

When you buy from DCTUK you get the flooring and our fab team on board with your project. If you've got questions we're just a phone call or livechat away. And should anything get damaged during delivery, we've got your back and will replace it with no quibbles. Need proof? Here's Matt, a verified customer with his review:

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You don't get that with second hand cowboys on Twitter SpiritPanda. Welcome to DCTUK. We'll take care of you here.