Interface has opened their new headquarters!


Interface has opened their new headquarters!

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It’s starting to seem slightly like all we talk about down at DCTUK is Interface… But hey, we do love the modular flooring genius’s, so we’ll continue singing their praises!

If you haven’t already heard, Interface have officially opened their new global headquarters in Midtown Atlanta and, of course, the floor takes centre stage and is full to the brim with Interface products making it the company’s number one showroom. Gosh, you wouldn't want to know what it would look like if my bedroom floor was in the spotlight...

This spectacular piece of architecture is also a brilliant opportunity for Interface to display their approach to design to their customers, their partners and even reinforce it to their employees. I’m actually hoping that if I keep writing sweet little articles about them they’ll eventually reward me with a trip to the Atlanta headquarters. See guys, there’s a method to my madness… And yes, I am a kiss a*#.

In true Interface style, they enlisted the help of biophilic design experts to create a space that had employee health and wellbeing at its heart. As another core principle of theirs is sustainability, Interface made sure that this was forefront in their design and ensured their new home complied with their Mission Zero and Climate Take Back projects.

Now I know, you don’t have millions to invest into the development of a new workplace nor do you have a few biophilic design experts on speed dial but if you’re aiming for that Interface look, don’t you worry, it’s still achievable at an affordable price. And if you’re still struggling with how to perfect the look in your space why don't you try our free design service, yes FREE! Just send us your plans and we'll do all the work for you.

Net Effect

Net Effect is a collection by Interface that has been inspired by the movement and patterns created by the ocean and the frothy waves that are made the moment the surf hits the sand. All products in the collection have another link to the sea as well; they’re produced using recycled fishing nets from small fishing villages in the Philippines to provide these communities with another source of income. Pretty cool isn’t it?

The three carpet tile products in the collection are Net Effect B601, B602 and B603 and are available in a variety of tones including warm browns, cool greys and there’s obviously a few sea blues…

Urban Retreat

Urban Retreat is an Interface collection that has biophilia at it’s core. It explores how urban settings can come together with nature and mimics the circumstances when concrete gives way to grass and the two contrasting elements meet.

Interface Urban Retreat 1 is a 50x50cm carpet tile that’s available in three products; UR101, UR102 and UR103. This range consists of one transition tile and two block colours that correspond with either side of the transition.

Human Nature

Human Nature is a collection of carpet planks aka skinny planks” in Interface terms because they’ve got to be different haven’t they *rolls eyes*. Again, they explore biophilia and look at the relationship between greenery and nature and hard, cold materials such as pebbled pathways and worn down pavements.

Human Nature is available in five carpet plank products; 810, 820, 830, 840 and 850. Each product can be used alone or in collaboration with each other to create truly unique floor designs.


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