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Rebecca Ali

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Thanks for all the love on my Interior Design Trends for 2022 blog post, I'm back again with another Interior Trends blog but this time we're talking about the office. Since 2020, the 9-5 working world seems to be a thing of the past, with lots of offices now offering hybrid working (the best of both worlds if you ask me) and the 4 day working week going ahead for trial in the UK, creating offices that aren't only efficient but also attractive is important when it comes to creating a happy work envrionment. With that being said, let's jump into these trends! 

Go Green💚

Similar to my previous blog post, going green is also a trend for offices in 2022 however, this time I'm not just talking about colour. Being sustainable is becoming a key feature for many businesses in recent years, (seems the realisation our planet won't last forever unless a concious change is made has finally hit) whether it's creating the sustainable products themselves or creating a sustainable working envrionment. At DCTUK we stock a large variety of sustainable flooring solutions (sustainable section page pending...), some of my favourites include; Desso's Airmaster range, Rawson Recover and Modulyss' Heritage range. Not only do they look good, they do good too! Giving your office the green stamp of approval. 


It's all about the two C's - Community & Connection🥰

Over the past two years the majority of us having been working from home, and we've maybe lost our sense of community within the workplace. Creating working environments that encourage working together to re-build our connection with one another and the company we work for. There are lots of companies who already introduced communal working spaces prior to the pandemic, however since the pandemic it appears to be more of a common trend. Some of my favourite offices who I think have inergrated communal spaces to their offices beautifully are; Gymshark, Lounge Underwear and Tesco. 


Wave Goodbye to the Traditional 9-5👋🏻

The third, and final, office interior trend I'm going to talk about is; more modern offices. Now what do I mean by more modern? Well, the idea of the modern office is similar to the two previous points I've mentioned. It's about creating an environment that's more open, spacious, bright, high tec, homey feel, etc. instead of having employees boxed off in tiny, dull offices. Taking a more modern design approach to the office has many benefits such as:

- Increased productivity

- Attracting top talent - the more appealing your office looks, the more people want to work there 

- Stress & anxiety reduction - yep, that's right. Introducing a modern layout/design to your office can help reduce employee stress and anxiety because the enviromenent promotes openness. 

- Leave a lasting impression 

The are other benefits of having a modern workpsace - read them here!

Overall, creating an enviroment that your employees are happy in should be the main priority when it comes to your HQ.


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