Pancake Tuesday - The Ultimate Pancake Toppings!

Rebecca Ali

Happy Shrove Tuesday aka Pancake Tuesday🥞

Any foodies favourite day of the year, a day that's dedicated to food! Now, before I jump into the ULTIMATE pancake toppings (in my opinion), I thought I'd give you all a mini history lesson into Pancake Tuessday.

So, what is Pancake Tuesday? Well, Pancake Tuesday comes from the Christain festival 'Shrove Tuesday'. Although the date of Shrove Tuesday changes each year, it always falls on the Tuesday bedore Ash Wedneday (this marks the start of Lent - the 47 day lead up to Easter). 

Why do we eat pancakes on Shrove Tuesday? Traditionally, foods such as dairy and meat were not allowed to be eaten during Lent. Before Lent could begin, all the foods that couldn't be eaten during this time needed to removed from the house so people wouldn't be tempted to break the rules. The best way to do this - eat them! Dairy products like milk & butter would be combined with eggs to help form pancakes, leading to the well known Pancake Tuesday that we all know and love. 

Let's Talk Toppings🥞

Okay, now that our history lesson is over, let's talk about some ultimate toppings to put on your pancakes this Pancake Tuesday. 

1. Lemon & Sugar - I'm starting with a classic here (a boring one if you ask me but, hey ho apparently some of you enjoy plain). For a lot of people, the simple lemon and sugar is a go-to topping for their pancake. It's reliable and not too fancy/difficult to do. 

2. Blueberries, Bacon & Maple Syrup - This is a topping I think of when I picture fluffy, american style pancakes. The sweet and savory combo is everything some people wish for on their pancake. If you're not a lover of maple syrup you can always switch out for golden syrup or honey. 

3. Banana & Nutella - My favourite pancake topping combo of all! This rich, creamy spread combined with the banana is unbeaten in my eyes. If you're not the biggest fan of fruit, Nutella (or any chocolate spread of your choice) works wonders on it's own. 

4. Ice Cream - Now, I'm on the fence with this one, last year I saw quite a few posts on social media of people putting ice cream on their pancakes. Personally I'm unsure however, mixed with some fruit, and dependant on the flavour, I could be persuaded into giving it a try. 

5. Fruit & Sugar or Honey - If the sweet and savoury combo isn't the one for you, you can't go wrong with a selection of berries and some sugar or even honey. 

Now, they're my top 5 pancake toppings. Love them or hate them, it's up to you. Personally, I'll never not be a lover of the banana and Nutella combo.