Top tips to minimise hay fever this Summer!??

Georgia Urmson

Top tips to minimise hay fever this Summer!??

We know, we have just survived a global pandemic only for bits of pollen to come along and kill us before we are even out of lockdown. Yeah thanks for that Bojo. Anyway, it's lucky that I am here, because I'm going to give you some top tips to survive this battle this Summer so you can step outside like a true pollen fighting warrior. Read on.

1. Check the pollen forecast (yeah that exists)

Firstly before anything, get the latest pollen forecast, view the Met Office weather map which provides a UK forecast of the pollen count and provides any hay fever sufferers with an early warning. So you are ready for your battle.

2. Smear your nostrils

Sorry, that's a little weird. I mean smear your nostrils with Vaseline or any petroleum jelly, we’re not bias to Vaseline here. But by having some Vaseline around your nose, it means it will trap the pollen before it gets a chance to head through to your brain. Cool right?


3. Clean, Clean, Clean.

Make sure to vacuum regularly so any pollen that is inside will be sucked up and also don't just dust, dust with a damp cloth. If the cloth is dry it will just brush the pollen back into the air, the dampness will pick it all up!


4. Shampoo

Pollen is super sticky so if you’ve been out all day you could be bringing back the yellow poison to the house with you. It is best to wash your hair when you get home for the evening, so you don’t spread pollen around your house.

5. Hot Curry!

Treat yourself to the hottest curry on the menu! Or if you're a bit of a Gordon Ramsey, make your own! But go heavy on the spices, especially Turmeric and cinnamon as these are considered good anti-inflammatories and natural immune system boosters which will help to combat the effects of pollen allergies!


6. Nasal Sprays

If you're someone who doesn't like taking tablets, try a nasal spray. Here is a couple from different sites. *Note - please always consult your GP before purchasing* 

Prevalin . It’s free from antihistamine and steroids, meaning it’s OK for pregnant and breastfeeding women. "It lines the inside of the nose and creates a barrier blocking irritants. Plus it soothes the symptoms of histamine," says Alison.

Prevalin Allergy for Kids (£4.49 from pharmacies). This product is sprayed up the nostril and a gel is formed to prevent pollen entering the airways.

7. Head to the seaside!

Where you live can majorly affect how much you suffer with hay fever and with these hot summer days we're having what better way to make use of the sun than to head to the seaside! Pollen levels are naturally a lot lower at the sea as there tends to be little to no nature around. So why not top up your tan puffy-eyed free.


There you have it!

And that's it! Our top tips to surviving hay fever this Summer! Let us know if this blog helped you or if you have tried any of our tips! We like to hear from you! Don't forget to follow us on our socials for regular competitions and great offers on all our flooring!


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